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Discussing PLAY IS THE WAY! Film Documentary and BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCKS in Seoul, South Korea

When you are devoted to promoting play, when you are a missionary for spreading the message about the benefits of play-based learning, there is never a dull moment, never a quiet time.  

Early November our crew, including David Krishock, Co-Founder of Bright Day Foundation & Bright Day Big Blocks visited Seoul, South Korea to advance the organizations work in helping more children – every child, everywhere – play and play more.

David Krishock was keynote speaker at EDUCARE LEADERS FORUM 2023 where his remarks focused on the documentary film his organization is producing, titled PLAY IS THE WAY!

The film features stores from play experts, from 8 countries, 18 locations – doctors, educators, CEO’s of play organizations – all telling their professional accounts, in their own words about how play is most definitely the best way for children to learn – and advocating for all educators and parents to participate in reinventing childhood education.

Krishock says, “Medical experts agree our children are facing a medical health crisis – children worldwide are playing less and stressing more – less play means lower levels of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.  Education experts agree play-based learning is the more natural, more beneficial way to learn – when our film audience hears the facts our film presents everyone will agree – play is the way”.  He continues, “our goal is to help the millions of teachers and the billions of parents worldwide experience our film in their local cities, towns, and villages – in theaters, school auditoriums and community centers – and in better understanding the power of play, we all create a modern revolution in early childhood education.  There is a better way – and we present that path forward in our film, PLAY IS THE WAY!”

Hyeonsik Heang, President, CEO of LG + meeting with David Krishock, Co-Founder of Bright Day LLC, discussing plans for Play Is The Way! a soon to be released documentary film produced by Bright Day Foundation.

In addition to the EDUCARE conference Krishock visited the offices of LG ELECTRONICS, headquartered in Seoul.  Most specifically he met with LG EDUCATION, LG ENTERTAINMENT and Hyeonsik Hwang, the CEO of LGU+.  “These discussions focused on our film, PLAY IS THE WAY! and on our emerging television series, BLOCK PARTY!” said Krishock.  The meetings also included, KCS EDU, a Korean education consulting firm and longtime Bright Day LLC business partner.  Continued Krishock, “Nothing is better than meeting like-minded professionals that fully understand the importance of what we do, and want to share in our journey, our effort to change and improve the world.  

Bright Day, and Co-Founder Krishock are thankful to be given the opportunity to discuss their projects and shine a spotlight on the need for play, more play in children’s lives.

We encourage everyone to visit our BRIGHT DAY website at

And, our PLAY IS THE WAY! website at

Or, email us at, call us at 01-818-914-6541

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Thank You to Everyone who Helped Make 2023 Our Best Year Ever!

“The children are playing – and when they play they learn,” says Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks.

She continued, “When we designed our Bright Day Big Blocks we knew children, parents and educators would react to the size – the larger than kid-size blocks – we knew they would all find easy engagement with the basic block shapes – lots of easy-to-stack shapes, enabling the creation, the building of whatever they could imagine – we knew the difference in our blocks would be the connectivity, the ability of the blocks to connect with plugs, and tubes of all diameters, and lengths – and we knew the difference in our blocks would also be the channel blocks and kids ability to channel balls, and more through the blocks. We said from the beginning – you can stack, you can connect, you can roll – and build your dreams! We knew our big block system was unique, was very, very different – but we did not know at that point that we were creating a play phenomenon”, she said.

At Bright Day Foundation and Bright Day Big Blocks it is our mission to spread the word about the benefits of play and play-based learning. We not only have a play philosophy – we have a product, our amazing Bright Day Big Blocks that demonstrate exactly how our play-based philosophy can actually work.

Laurel Tucker continues, “We are proud to offer the world – educators, parents, and of course the children our innovative big block play system – and we want to say THANK YOU to everyone in our global community that helped make 2023 our best year ever. To advance our play-to-learn movement we need to get our big blocks in the hands of little kids, and then watch the magic happen – we appreciate everyone in our community for helping make that magic happen.

We mentioned creating a big block play phenomenon, and that only occurs if a community believes–so thank you to all for believing by bringing Bright Day Big Blocks to your children.”

To learn more about Bright Day Big Blocks, Bright Day Foundation – our play philosophy and our products please visit our website at, email us at or call us at 01-818-914-6541.

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“We are thrilled and excited to win Bright Day Big Blocks and seeing the smiles, enthusiasm and creativity this extraordinary product will bring, plus the enhancement to our children’s learning experience” ~ Fernando Torres, Operations Director

We’re at it again! Just last month we dropped over three thousand SUBMIT 2 WIN! contact forms in our big blue block storage caddy, mixed them up good, and Co-Founder Laurel Tucker picked this year’s lucky winner. We are so happy to announce our winner for 2023 is The Goddard School located in Carlsbad, California. Hooray + Congratulations!

Bright Day Big Blocks is happy to share its Big Blocks with the children, parents, teachers and staff at Goddard, Carlsbad. And this year our winner received our Big Green Blocks, plus a bonus of our Medium Green Blocks – a fantastic combination of blocks that promises to generate a lot of building – stacking blocks, connecting blocks, running balls through channels blocks – a lot of creativity!

The Goddard School has promised to send us pictures once the school receives their blocks, and once the children get to building, and we promise to share those pictures with our Bright Day community as soon as possible. Please keep an eye out for these on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Laurel Tucker, Bright Day Big Blocks Co-Founder says, “SUBMIT 2 WIN is our favorite giving program of the year – where we share our favorite products with our favorite people – those that join our community by simply completing a contact form from our website”. She continues, “I encourage everyone to join our community – please give yourself and your organization a chance to win “SUBMIT 2 WIN”! We are already collecting entries for 2024 – and like Goddard this year, the YMCA in 2023, Ronald McDonald House in 2022, and others – you CAN WIN too!”

To enter SUBMIT 2 WIN! 2024 please visit the Contact section of our Bright Day Big Blocks website. Enter Today! Enter more than once! Encourage your friends to enter! And, to learn more about our products, prices and play-based benefits please give Bright Day a call at 818-914-6541.

outside building of the goddard school



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Are your children interested in all things FARM? Animals like sheep, chickens, cows, pigs, rabbits, even soaring hawks? What a great class trip or play theme a farm can be. How about a ZOO? How much fun is it to go to the zoo – with camels, hippos, elephants, crocodiles, parrots, and giraffes?

When Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks set out to design the new Big ANIMAL Blocks that’s exactly what she had in mind. Almost like creating a field trip without leaving the actual school or play center. She wanted to create something fun and adventurous, big and kid-sized, soft and loving, providing theme play which encourages active learning, and an opportunity for the child to engage emotionally, really connect and make a new friend.

“We always love observing, watching children play, we learn so much” says Laurel Tucker, “when children play with our Big Blocks it simply magical, quite transformational – and when they play with our ANIMAL Blocks their play takes on a whole new dimension. Children really emotionally connect with our ANIMALS – they find their favorite, they carry them around the play space, hug and kiss them, sit on them, they adopt the ANIMALS and give them names, like Sarah, Justin, or Mrs. Hippo – these ANIMALS become pals – we just love it, it’s very valuable play resulting in playful learning”.

Every single one of the new Bright Day BIG ANIMAL Block characters has found a child to love them – the FARM and ZOO animals (as described) and the RANCH kit as well – featuring horses, eagles, moose, rattlesnakes, and more.

The BIG kit features 6 BIG kid-sized Blocks. ANIMALS also comes in a MEDIUM size, 40 half-sized Blocks. The ANIMALS are all made with the same commercial quality EVA foam – highly durable for use in schools and play centers – very soft, friendly and 100% certified safe.

Laurel Tucker concludes, “your children will love the ANIMALS – my promise. Let me know the classroom theme you’re planning, or just the characters your children might love the best. If we don’t have exactly what you need we’ll make the perfect character, size, color for you – can do! – we are always here to help.”

Laurel Tucker also encourages all educators to connect with our PLAY-BASED CURRICULUM, featuring tips and tools on child-directed play, theme, and project based learning. Find the curriculum at:

And for anyone that wants to know more about Bright Day Big Blocks + Bright Day Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization and our new BIG ANIMAL Blocks please call 01-818-914-6541, email or visit the company website at

About Bright Day Big Blocks

Bright Day Big Blocks is a fun, new and unique play system designed to stimulate creative play. Bright Day offers big soft blocks and designs play space environments that peaks a child’s curiosity, unlocks creativity, inspires collaboration, and builds confidence. These big foam blocks encourage play that builds cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills important in the development of all children. Bright Day can be found around the world – in schools, playgrounds, libraries, hospitals, family resort hotels, airports, restaurants, public parks, camps – anywhere you find children playing. Bright Day Big Blocks is transforming lives through play – building stronger brains and bodies and enabling a brighter future for our children.

About Bright Day Foundation

Bright Day Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help educators and parents better understand the importance of play in the development of children. And, in gaining an appreciation for plays importance – parent and educators become community advocates for more play!

The Foundation advances its mission and goals by:

~ Creating, producing, and distributing instructional content for adults, like our global feature film documentary, PLAY IS THE WAY!

~ Disseminating how-to classroom learning materials like our PLAY, THEME + PROJECT BASED curriculum

~ Donating tools that inspire play and learning like our Bright Day Big Blocks to underserved schools in the United States through our TITLE-ONE-DERFUL Giving Program

Contact our Foundation today – let’s discuss how we can help you help children your play and learn – building toward a brighter future.

laurel visits a farm

BDBB Co-Founder Laurel Tucker drawing at desk


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We operate BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCKS on a school year calendar – so our year ends in June, says Co-Founder Laurel Tucker. We fell into that habit when our other Co-Founder, David Krishock ran SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS some years back. When you operate on a school calendar you realize that most people do – operate on a school calendar this is – because millions of adults are parents, and their children’s schedules and calendars are organized around attending school. So, when we look back over the last 12 months – we are so happy – so pleased we have helped close to a million children play over the last year – we have connected and made friends with thousands of parents and educators – and we have watched our play based initiatives grow and contribute to helping communities worldwide. We are honored to serve the education community – and proud to have developed into trusted partner to schools and related organizations worldwide.

We always want to take an opportunity to thank those that have supported us this past year:

~ supported us in our for-profit Bright Day Big Blocks business. This product has demonstrated that so much cognitive + physical benefit comes from unique, engaging + fun play products. Big Blocks are a big idea!  Our customers, our community love our Blocks – and our Blocks are a natural complement to our mission of getting more children playing. When speaking to us about our Blocks the most used word among our customers, our play community is “love”. We get so emotional when we speak with our community – we love that you love, and we promise to continue to work hard to offer the most unique, playful Big Block experiences to help you all help your children play + learn.

~ we also owe you thanks for the support of our not-for-profit Bright Day Foundation. Our two biggest moments this past year include (1) continued production of our global film documentary promoting play and play-based learning titled PLAY IS THE WAY! We filmed in 6 more countries, visiting best-practice schools and play-centers. This film will speak boldly to a global audience of parents + educators that play is the best way for our children to learn. This film will premiere in 2024. (2) Our Foundation also launched a giving program titled TITLE ONE DERFUL, where we, and those that donate, gift our beloved Big Blocks to USA based schools in need – recognizing that every single child in every community deserves respect, love, and an opportunity to play.

I recall a long, long time ago there was an advertisement on the television that stated – “We Do it All for You” – and I don’t recall what company that was – but that sediment does reflect who we are at Bright Day, and what we do. Be it Blocks, or Curriculum, gifting our product to help communities, or films promoting play – we do it all to help you help your children play + learn. And we do that because we know it works. You know that too, we align with you.

Thank you for a great school year – we are so proud to be partners now and in the future,

~ Laurel Tucker

international play global conference crowd


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Glasgow, Scotland – June 6 to 9, 2023 – Bright Day Foundation, a partner organization of Bright Day Big Blocks, attended the 22nd International Play Association Triennial World Conference to present and promote its PLAY IS THE WAY! documentary feature film.

“It was years in the planning, participating in the IPA conference, “says David Krishock, Executive Director of Bright Day Foundation and overall company Co-Founder, “we considered the invitation from IPA an honor and an important opportunity to strengthen our relationship with this expert community. “

IPA is one of the most influential play organizations in the world – they represent over 50 countries and their focus is about a child’s right to play.  IPA works to protect, to preserve, and to promote children’s right to play as a fundamental human right.  Bright Day Foundation is an active member of IPA, and they encourage anyone who loves and respects children to consider membership in IPA as well.

While at the global conference the film production company, Partners In Cinema, was able to film IPA representatives from Sweden, Germany, USA, Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong for inclusion in the film documentary PLAY IS THE WAY!  And film director, Bennett Krishock, was able to present the updated and expanded film preview to the IPA membership attending the event.

The updated and expanded PLAY IS THE WAY! film preview will be hosted on the Bright Day Foundation film site   for public viewing.

The previous, shorter 5-minute version contained footage filmed solely in the USA, pre-pandemic.  The new, 10-minute version includes footage from recent filming sessions in Asia (Japan and South Korea) as well as Europe (Netherlands and England).

The message of our film documentary, PLAY IS THE WAY! is powerful, and the film footage is glorious, engaging to watch, capturing the essence and emotion of children playing and learning in both schools and play-centers.

David Krishock says, “our Foundation goal is to build awareness of the importance of play – our film takes its audience, educators and parents, to places they have never seen before – to best-practice centers that for decades have used play and play-based learning to better educate their children.  This film is quickly becoming a factual proof-source for telling a story to its audience that quite possibly play is the best way for children to learn”.

As a final thought David Krishock says, “let’s support IPA through membership – and, please give our new and updated PLAY IS THE WAY! film preview a look, and finally, in your daily lives, always help your children play – for them, for our children play is as vital as air, water and food”.



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Created by Teachers! + Approved By Kids!!

As springtime approaches – and educators thoughts begin to turn to outdoor as well as indoor play options – BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCKS is excited to introduce another new Big Block play product.

This new products official name is BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCK PLAY PARK™.  

“About a year ago teachers assigned us a project – to design a portable, Active Play system, using our durable yet soft and certified safe EVA foam, says David Krishock, Co-Founder, BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCKS.  “We were told this new system should inspire Active Play, encouraging youngsters to jump, roll, tumble, slide, crawl, hide ‘n seek, run – all the actions that deeply engage a youngsters body and brain.  It was requested the play system be made up of lots of unique pieces – a dozen plus – so the pieces could be used together or separately during play – for use both indoor and out, he continued.  Also, the system must be affordable, an alternative to expensive, traditional playground equipment.”  

“We listen closely to educators thoughts – their ideas have always helped fuel our product development – teachers know how to teach and develop our children.  Educators always have the best ideas – we listen!  we learn!  then we create!,” says Krishock.

This past March BRIGHT DAY proudly staged a multi-country launch of its BIG BLOCK PLAY PARK – in the USA at a preschool in San Antonio, Texas.  In all locations the new Active Play System became an instant smash hit.  

Kids comments included:

“best day ever!”

“is this ours – everyday?”

“let’s not stop!”

“look how far I’m jumping!” 

And a consistent comment heard by teachers:

“this is incredible!”

Teachers commented on the fun and laughter, the action and energy, the engagement and participation, the cooperation and collaboration, the bravery and confidence – and more.

The BIG BLOCK PLAY PARK is made up of 12 individual BIG pieces – giant tubes, and tunnels, and wheels, and climbers, balancers, and launch platforms – all designed specifically to generate action and engagement – each PLAY PARK can occupy 20 to 25 children at once.  Schools or play centers can purchase the entire system – or the individual pieces.  The PLAY PARK also pairs nicely with BRIGHT DAY Big or Medium Blocks.  The system works well outdoors when the weather is favorable, and it works equally well indoors.  

“We love it when creative ideas become actual play products and are loved by children.  BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCKS is driven by a child-directed play, theme, and project based approach to learning.  Everything we do every day focuses on getting children playing and playing more.  We firmly believe play is the best way for children to learn,” says David Krishock.

See more PLAY PARK pictures in our BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCKS Photo Gallery – just follow this link to see the joy of children at play:

For anyone interested in the new BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCK PLAY PARK – or any of our innovative Big Block play products visit our website at: or give us a call, at our Los Angeles headquarters +1-818-914-6541.


David Krishock Bright Day Big Blocks 


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Everyone loves the American television program Shark Tank. Shark Tank airs every Friday night in the United States, attracting over 5 million weekly viewers. Shark Tank is a phenomenon, also attracting 40,000 entrepreneurs annually who apply to be contestants on the show. Contestants present their idea, product or company to a panel of celebrity investors, nicknamed “sharks” who then decide if they want to invest and become part-owners of these small businesses – all with an eye on growing sales, growing profits, and creating riches.

So, when Bright Day Big Blocks received a call encouraging its participation in Season 15 of Shark Tank it was flattering.  It seems the company mission, its innovative product, its fun brand, business success and founder popularity – were forces that possibly attracted Shark Tank to Bright Day.

“Great to be recognized – we must be doing some things well, says David Krishock, Bright Day Co-Founder.  Bright Day is driven by play for children, and establishing play-based learning in schools.  

Our fantastic, popular, play changing Big Blocks provide schools and play centers the perfect product to enable cognitive and physical development for youngsters.  

All dollars we generate are returned to the company to create awareness, to developed innovative new products, or given to Bright Day Foundation – our 501c3 charitable organization to help underserved schools.   

We greatly respect Shark Tank, it is thrilling Hollywood-style entertainment.  The program encourages entrepreneurs to dream big – which is fantastic.  For some businesses partnering with Shark Tank might be right, a perfect fit – but it’s not for Bright Day.  At Bright Day we never think about outside investors, about exploding profits, or making everyone rich.”

Krishock continues, “At Bright Day we answer to one community and one community only – we answer to educators, to parents, and to children.  We know we are doing a great job if we can help get more children playing every day.  Our Big Blocks work to make that happen – and we will work to make our Big Blocks the best product at the best price to expand accessibility to our community worldwide.”

Krishock concludes, “Thank you Shark Tank, we deeply appreciate your invitation.  No to competing on your program – but yes to watching as often as possible, as millions do.”

Interested in learning more about Bright Day LLC, Bright Day Big Blocks, Bright Day Foundation – a 501c3 charitable organization?  Please contact us via email at or by phone at +1-818-914-6541


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With a Mission of Promoting Play and Play-based Learning Bright Day is Expanding its Education Footprint

Bright Day LLC and its operating entities Bright Day Big Blocks and not-for-profit Bright Day Foundation believes the world wants to watch children express their amazing creative and collaboration skills in a new television series called BLOCK PARTY ™.

What do you get when you blend 9 children 6 years and under – in an over 10,000 square foot indoor and outdoor play space – with thousands of build-able loose parts like blocks, and wood, fabric, and PVC pipe, and sand, and more?  “I’ll tell you what you get says Laurel Tucker, show creator and company co-founder – “you get a little bit of chaos and a lot of creativity and joy”.

Each program is divided into 6 equal segments – challenge, design, collect, build, present, and recognize.  A theme is chosen from which the children can create, the children then design their inspiration, then collect their build-able loose parts, and then the 3 teams of 3 children begin to build their designs – once their masterpieces are complete they present them to a live audience and are recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments.

“In developing our BLOCK PARTY series we spoke to a lot of educators – and watched a lot of TV – we witnessed the love and camaraderie of the GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF, starring Paul Hollywood – as well as the creativity and spectacle of PROJECT RUNWAY, staring Heidi Klum.  We were highly inspired by both”, says Tucker.

An inaugural partner in BLOCK PARTY is kidSTREAM, a Los Angeles area Children’s Museum.  kidSTREAM not only provides the physical facility for the USA production – but its community provides the shows participants and audience.  Michael Shanklin, kidSTREAM Executive Director is dedicated to promoting play, excited about the series, and about bringing the show to his museum.  Shanklin says, “kidSTREAM is thrilled to work with Bright Day Big Blocks and Bright Day Foundation to bring the important work of play to the forefront.  Our children need play now more than ever after a devastating time of isolation.  The creativity and collaboration that BLOCK PARTY will bring is just the thing our children need to begin the critical healing process.  kidSTREAM is honored to be the USA host for national productions of the show and the children we serve are going to be real winners”.

At this time BLOCK PARTY also has television series production partners in both Japan and South Korea.  “In Japan our production partner has plans to stage live, public BLOCK PARTY themed events in their playgrounds nationwide,” says Tucker.

Tucker concludes by saying, “our goal is urgent – we must create awareness and advocacy for more play.  BLOCK PARTY is part of the solution – it will be a loud voice, each program will be a constant reminder to a mass audience of parents in the USA and hopefully worldwide.”

On a related note she says, “we are finishing production on our global documentary film project – PLAY IS THE WAY ™.  This film is a fact based proof-source demonstrating play is the best way for children to develop, learn and grow.” Please visit our documentary film website at to learn more.

For more information on Bright Day LLC, Bright Day Foundation, Bright Day Big Blocks, Bright Day Play-based Curriculum, Bright Day Block Party, and Play Is The Way, a film documentary – or just to connect with thoughts or questions please call 01 818 914 6541 or email


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 The words of Co-Founder, David Krishock

Just over a decade ago we launched a program called GIFT OF PLAY! which in part promises every school and organization interested in our big blocks the best price possible – and that’s 100% guaranteed!

And since the launch of GIFT OF PLAY! we have successfully satisfied thousands of educators and millions of children worldwide.

 Our GIFT OF PLAY! promise is our guarantee to provide the highest quality in ideas and design, in materials and manufacture, in durability, in safety.  It’s our guarantee to provide the lowest price on our Big Blocks, Medium Blocks, custom play spaces – all we offer! Our product quality is exceptional and our prices are 40% lower than our competitor – on every comparable product, each and every day!


Those are the words of Co-Founder, Laurel Tucker 

Providing all communities and kids greater access to our big block idea is JOB 1 at Bright Day Big Blocks.  We increase the availability of our blocks by having lower prices, by making our blocks more affordable.  Price matters, and our prices are the best!

 Big Blocks have proved to be a big idea – big foam, kid-sized shapes that children stack, connect and channel balls through – children engage, they are magically attracted to our big blocks and build whatever they dream.  And Big Blocks work! – they inspire creativity and imagination – communication and collaboration – critical thinking and problem solving – they build confidence and self –assuredness  – so much more.  Our blocks help educations help their kids PLAY + LEARN! Laurel Tucker encourages everyone to always call and speak to us – at (01) 818 914 6541 – we are here 7 days a week, around the clock to help – we service the world from our Los Angeles, CA, USA headquarters. We want to work with everyone to provide the best big blocks at the best prices – we promise to work hard to get your community what you want and need for your children.

Our GIFT OF PLAY! Program is not just a collection of words – it’s our PROMISE to you!

Contact Bright Day Big Blocks by emailing or by calling (in the USA) 818 914 6541.  Everyday Bright Day Big Blocks helps transform children’s minds, bodies, and spirits through the power of creative PLAY!