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Thank You to Everyone who Helped Make 2023 Our Best Year Ever!

“The children are playing – and when they play they learn,” says Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks.

She continued, “When we designed our Bright Day Big Blocks we knew children, parents and educators would react to the size – the larger than kid-size blocks – we knew they would all find easy engagement with the basic block shapes – lots of easy-to-stack shapes, enabling the creation, the building of whatever they could imagine – we knew the difference in our blocks would be the connectivity, the ability of the blocks to connect with plugs, and tubes of all diameters, and lengths – and we knew the difference in our blocks would also be the channel blocks and kids ability to channel balls, and more through the blocks. We said from the beginning – you can stack, you can connect, you can roll – and build your dreams! We knew our big block system was unique, was very, very different – but we did not know at that point that we were creating a play phenomenon”, she said.

At Bright Day Foundation and Bright Day Big Blocks it is our mission to spread the word about the benefits of play and play-based learning. We not only have a play philosophy – we have a product, our amazing Bright Day Big Blocks that demonstrate exactly how our play-based philosophy can actually work.

Laurel Tucker continues, “We are proud to offer the world – educators, parents, and of course the children our innovative big block play system – and we want to say THANK YOU to everyone in our global community that helped make 2023 our best year ever. To advance our play-to-learn movement we need to get our big blocks in the hands of little kids, and then watch the magic happen – we appreciate everyone in our community for helping make that magic happen.

We mentioned creating a big block play phenomenon, and that only occurs if a community believes–so thank you to all for believing by bringing Bright Day Big Blocks to your children.”

To learn more about Bright Day Big Blocks, Bright Day Foundation – our play philosophy and our products please visit our website at, email us at or call us at 01-818-914-6541.