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new Bright Day MIX Blocks


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A focus at Bright Day Big Blocks is to serve educators needs for play-based learning tools. Designing and introducing new products for our global community is a top priority.

“We are happy to launch our new Bright Day MIX Blocks,” says Co-Founder, David Krishock. “The idea of MIX is pretty simple.  We combined blocks in the world’s two favorite colors – green and blue.  And, combined blocks in our customers two favorite sizes – BIG and MEDIUM. “Our design group has really optimized their idea, now with the perfect sizes, shapes, and colors.”

The MIX is a 70-piece kit of blocks that promises to give children that magical BIG Block experience. The Block kit is perfect for tighter play spaces – like the smaller daycare center or for use at home.  The MIX will be featured exclusively in our online shop.

The MIX Blocks already have fans, like the YMCA West in Green Bay Wisconsin who says, “What a GIANT HIT with the children” as well as saying “Parents have stopped by the office telling us how much their kids enjoy playing with the new blocks”  Thank you YMCA for those kind words!

You can place your MIX Block order online beginning this October at: https://brightdaybigblocks.com/shop/

And for the next 90 days, orders will also be taken by calling our office at 818-914-6541 or by emailing us at contact@brightdaybigblocks.com


About Bright Day Big Blocks

Bright Day Big Blocks is a fun, new and unique play system designed to stimulate creative, child directed play.  Bright Day offers big soft blocks and designs play space environments that peaks a child’s curiosity, unlocks creativity, inspires collaboration, and builds confidence.  These big foam blocks encourage play that builds cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills important in the development of all children.  Bright Day Big Blocks can be found around the world, in schools, playgrounds, libraries, hospitals, airports, restaurants, hotels and resorts, public parks, camps and anywhere you find children playing.  Bright Day Big Blocks is transforming children’s lives through play – building stronger minds and bodies, and enabling a brighter future for our kids.


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“Thank you Bright Day Big Blocks for the opportunity to receive this amazing gift.  Our families and children are going to be ecstatic.”

~ Heidi Hernandez, Director of Member Services


Each year a lucky winner is drawn from the big blue block storage caddy Bright Day keeps in its office.  This past year there were over a thousand entries.  And the lucky winner for 2022 was the YMCA, and more specifically the West Side Y of Greater Green Bay Wisconsin.  Hooray + Congratulations!

Bright Day Big Blocks is happy to share its Big Blocks with the community of Green Bay.  And this year they made this annual gift even more special by giving the Y its newest product – Bright Day Mix Block kit.  The new Mix Block kit combines big and medium blocks, their customer’s two favorite sizes, with green and blue blocks, the world’s two favorite colors – now that’s a great MIX!

Bright Day shipped the YMCA Green Bay West 210 pieces, enough for about 25 children at a time to stack, connect, and channel balls through the blocks – igniting both brains and bodies through play.  The Y has committed to sending play pictures which Bright Day promises to share on their social media sites.

Laurel Tucker, Bright Day Big Blocks Co-Founder says, “SUBMIT 2 WIN! is just our favorite program of the year – it’s where we share our favorite product, our Big Blocks with our favorite people – those that join our community by simply completing a contact form on our website”.

She continues, “I encourage everyone to join our community and give your organization a chance to win SUBMIT 2 WIN!  We have already begun collecting entries for 2023 – and like the YMCA, you can win too,”

To enter SUBMIT 2 WIN! 2023 please visit the Contact section of the Bright Day Big Blocks website.  Enter today!  To learn more about our products, prices and play-based benefits give Bright Day a call at 818 914 6541.


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The Bright Day Foundation tribute to play-based learning, the film documentary titled PLAY IS THE WAY! is back in production after a 2-year pandemic-induced hiatus.

“Exactly two years ago April, we were packed up and heading to Japan, after successfully filming here in the USA, in New York and San Francisco, when everything – EVERYTHING – came to a screeching halt, ” says David Krishock, Executive Director of Bright Day Foundation.  He continued, “we were eager to film with our international partners in Europe, Asia, and the USA so we could continue to assemble our film and tell our story – a revolutionary story that must be told to educators and parents worldwide – that quite possibly play is the best way for our children to learn.”

Children possess a natural curiosity and have an innate desire to learn.  Also, children love to play.  And, children individually have preferences for how they play.  Combine these three elements and a much more robust, much more effective child learning and development paradigm is formed.  It’s a child-centered, child-directed method of teaching and learning.

“Our film visits best practice centers worldwide to tell our story”, says David Krishock, “we take educators and parents to places never before seen, to classrooms and play spaces that provide real-life examples of play-based learning – environments that underscore how play-based learning works, and these examples help illustrate why it is so effective.  We are very fortunate to be partnering with a group of experts to help tell our story.”

The revised schedule has the Bright Day film production crew visiting England and Denmark in September, Japan and South Korea in October, and possibly Australia and New Zealand during that same period.

For more information on Bright Day Foundation, the PLAY IS THE WAY! film documentary, and other Foundation initiatives – or our Bright Day Big Blocks please call +01-818-914-6541 or email contact@brightdayfoundation.org.


About Bright Day – conceived in 1988, Bright Day was created to help children learn.

Bright Day Big Blocks was inspired by the power of super-big, kid-sized, foam building blocks.  Children stack, connect and become so deeply engaged they learn as they play.  Benefits to children include unlocking their natural curiosity – building creativity and use of imagination, problem-solving and critical thinking, communication and collaboration, building confidence and self-esteem – advancing cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.  Big Blocks are a superb method of demonstrating the advantages of learning through play.

Bright Day Foundation was also created as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides our Big Blocks to under-resourced schools country-wide.

Bright Day is a global tribute to the transformational powers of play-based learning.


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Bright Day Foundation announces it will donate to the SAVE THE CHILDREN Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

The purpose of Bright Day Foundation is to donate its life-changing learning tools, Big Blocks, to poverty-stricken schools across the USA.

However, earlier this month, Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks, and its charitable entity Bright Day Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit announced that during the month of March 2022 Bright Day Foundation will redirect its giving efforts by donating a portion of Bright Day Big Blocks March 2022 proceeds to SAVE THE CHILDREN.

Laurel Tucker says, “We know the frightening news we hear and the pictures we see each day do not come close to capturing the scale of the tragedy the Ukrainian families are experiencing at this very moment.  It is up to those that can help, to help, making every attempt to keep the families and children as safe as possible during this horrific period.  We vow to do our part, as much as we can, by redirecting our giving toward SAVE THE CHILDREN and their Ukrainian Relief Fund.”

SAVE THE CHILDREN believes every child deserves the opportunity to learn and be protected from harm.

They report at this very moment there are 8 million Ukrainian children in grave physical and emotional danger.  SAVE THE CHILDREN works in the hardest to reach places, where it’s toughest to be a child – and is delivering food, clothing, organizing shelter for families – and more.

If you would like to know more about the work of SAVE THE CHILDREN and their Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund visit their website at www.savethechildren.org

If you would like to connect with Bright Day Big Blocks + Bright Day Foundation email  contact@brightdayfoundation.org – or call 818-914-6541.


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Amazing to think about the simplicity of the Bright Day Big Block idea!

For years, decades, and centuries blocks have been a staple of children’s play.

Even though the educational toy term, blocks wasn’t coined until the early 1800’s children were collecting, stacking, and building with brick-like objects far back into recorded history.  “Playing with stackable, buildable objects always unlocks a child’s curiosity, enables creativity and self-expression, collaboration and communication, always builds confidence – and more”, says Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder at Bright Day Big Blocks.

For close to a century the most children’s popular blocks were made of wood, but in the 1930’s foam blocks gained popularity – more shapes and more colors.  In the early 2000’s Bright Day Big Blocks began thinking about and experimenting with foam blocks and big foam blocks – of all shapes and colors.  Big foam blocks that encouraged block stacking, block connecting, and making about anything children could dream of – from animal and insects to trucks and spaceships – and all else imaginable.

Big foam blocks are now the rage – they memorize a child when seen.  The blocks in their simple shapes invite a child to touch, feel, build, and create dreams.  Once a child engages with Bright Day big foam blocks they “go deep into the creative process, that’s when the true learning magic happens”, continues Laurel Tucker.  “We are the Big Foam Block Company – and every day we think about how to continue to evolve the big block idea to bring more joy and learning to children worldwide.”

Contact us to talk about blocks, and kids, and our philosophy – and anything else that is on your mind.  Engage with us, including our esteemed Advisory Panel – we are all here to help you help your children play and learn.

Website:  www.brightdaybigblocks.com

Email:  contact@brightdaybigblocks.com

Phone:  01-818-914-6541

Visit us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube 

NEW Referral Reward Program – We’re Helping Our Community Get Their Blocks!

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The number one question from our Community to Bright Day Big Blocks usually is – “how can I get a set of Big Blocks for free?” Now, it’s not that folks expect free blocks – they are just asking about all the possibilities – such as securing Grants, or staging Fundraisers, etc. Well, when our Community speaks, we listen, and come to the rescue! We are pleased to introduce our newest program, what we call Referral Reward.

Referral Reward is both simple to understand and execute. If a school or organization wants to get that free set of Big Blocks – they simply find 4 other organizations in their network, get all 5 to order a Big Block set and 1 set is completely FREE of charge.

“This program provides yet another way for schools and organizations to plan for a free set of our Big Blocks, says Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks. Schools depend on Grants, and Fundraisers, and now they can depend on our Referral Reward program.”

This program was tested by our South Korean Distributor, and it was and is a gigantic success. “Free is a compelling proposition, and our Big Blocks are a beloved product. Combining the ideas of working inside a network to earn a free set of Big Blocks has created a super-powerful response,” continues Laurel.

A great example of how such a program works comes from Adelaide, Australia. A city park was interested in buying a Big Block set, but before they did they canvassed the other park Managers in the city – and low and behold, the total order was for several Big Block sets. That’s a perfect way to leverage the benefit of free Big Blocks via Referral Reward, says Laurel. “We filled a shipping container with Big Block sets for Adelaide, what fun! Anyone that would like help or more information on participating in the Bright Day Referral Reward program please reach out to us via email at contact@brightdaybigblocks.com or call our office at 818-914-6541. Bright Day is always here to help you help your children Play + Learn.

Excited to Introduce Our Foundation Advisor Group!

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Those in our community understand our commitment to play-based learning and its role in developing young minds and bodies. Every action we take at Bright Day Foundation, and Bright Day Big Blocks supports child directed play, project and theme based learning.

It’s our goal to create what we call today’s Modern Classroom™ environment, working to create a grassroots revolution, and improve preschool education.

To underscore our commitment to dramatically improve early childhood development, Bright Day Foundation is excited to introduce its inaugural Advisor Group to you. This group of experts has been hand selected to help us sharpen our focus – improve the tools we provide our global community – generate greater awareness of play-based learning benefits – and accelerate the adoption of play-based practices among educators and engaged parents.

Our inaugural Advisor Group includes:
Ayumi Nakanishi Educator + Artist. Representing Japan and Indonesia Documentary Filmmaker, Photojournalist, Author Tamagawa University, San Francisco State University, MA. Changsook Kim Educator + Entrepreneur. Representing South Korea Chairperson, Reggio Emilia inspired kindergartens, as well as Children’s Museums Dankook University – Teachers College, Ph.D. Dominic A.A. Randolph Educator + Innovator. Representing the United States of America Head of School, Riverdale Country School, Bronx, New York Harvard University, M.Ed. Heather Pinedo-Burns Educator + Industry Thought Leader. Representing the United States of America Head of Lower School, Speyer School, New York, New York Columbia University – Teachers College, Ph.D. Karyn Flynn Educator + Business Leader. Representing the United States of America Chief Executive Officer, Chairperson and Trustee, Bay Area Discovery Museum, and The Discovery Preschool, San Francisco area, California London School of Business, MBA.

And, an additional three Advisors, from Europe and Asia will be announced shortly.
Please celebrate these appointments with us. All of us are here to help you help your children play, learn, grow – and love learning each and every day.

our group

To learn more about our Advisors, contribute to our discussions or ask a question please click above, and you’ll be taken to the Our Group section of our website.

Scholastic Book Fairs and Bright Day Big Blocks Form Partnership

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“It’s a BIG day for Bright Day Big Blocks”, says Laurel Tucker, Chief Executive and creator of the big block play system that helps kids learn as they play. “Today we are happy to announce that our partnership with Scholastic Inc. and Scholastic Book Fairs has begun”, she continues.
Bright Day Big Blocks serves schools and their community by offering block play systems that stimulate a child’s natural curiosity – as well as builds self-expression, creativity, imagination, communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment as well as physical attributes like strength, coordination, and dexterity.

Scholastic Book Fairs, for over 30 years, has proudly served schools and their community by bringing books to students through their events, helping create life-long readers and learners in kids, and giving back to the schools by contributing to their fundraising efforts.
How does Scholastic Book Fairs and Bright Day Big Blocks plan to work together? Laurel Tucker explains, “when schools schedule and run a Scholastic Book Fair these schools earn credits that can be used toward product featured in their catalog. For the first time, beginning this spring, Bright Day Big Blocks, and their popular cousin, Bright Day Medium Blocks are featured in the Scholastic Book Fairs catalog.”

Over 100,000 book fair events are run in approximately 75,000 schools each year – Laurel Tucker continues, “this collaboration with Scholastic Book Fairs is a great opportunity for our company to speak along with Scholastic directly to the schools that we know most love our Bright Day Big Blocks”. So, schedule a Scholastic Book Fair! Visit their catalog! Enjoying the array of amazing products contained within, and why not order Bright Day Big Blocks? We promise educators, parents and of course the children will love our blocks – a play system that enables super-creative block building, stacking, connecting, rolling like no other – and an opportunity for kids to play and learn!

Bright Day LLC, Bright Day Big Blocks www.brightdaybigblocks.com and the Bright Day Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization www.brightdayfoundation.org – please contact Bright Day at +01-818-914-6541 or contact@brightdaybigblocks.com

Ronald McDonald House, San Diego WINS Fall 2020 Submit 2 Win Program

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Each year, once in the spring and again in the fall Bright Day Big Blocks draws a winner from a barrel filled with thousands of entries in their Submit 2 Win program.

This past month we drew the winner of the fall 2020 program – Ronald McDonald House, San Diego.
Congratulations, at Bright Day Big Blocks we are so proud to be able to support your charitable efforts.
Ronald McDonald House has a mission to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children. Ronald McDonald House offers strength and hope each and every day to families suffering from their own child’s medical crisis. While a child is hospitalized and being treated Ronald McDonald House offers families nearby lodging, meals, transportation, everything possible to make for a more comfortable and secure situation.

David Krishock, Bright Day Foundation Executive Director said, “Ronald McDonald House, San Diego will receive 3 Bright Day Big Blocks Kits – our newly introduced Builders Space Kit, our Medium Green Blocks Kit, as well as our Big Green Block Kit. This collection of Blocks will enable families there to build, to stack Blocks, connect Blocks, and channel balls through hundreds of Blocks – these Kits will enable families to be together, dream and create, hopefully relax, and have some great family fun”.

Bright Day Big Blocks is currently accepting entries toward its spring 2021 Submit 2 Win program.
Laurel Tucker, Bright Day Big Blocks Chief Executive encourages folks to “visit our website at www.brightdaybigblocks.com – click the Contact link, and fill out the requested information. Once registered you are automatically entered in Submit 2 Win, and you’ll also receive a free mini Block Puzzle, plus more information about our company and the wonders of play-based learning”, she states.

Bright Day Completes First Phase of Play Based Film Documentary Project

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Play Is The Best Way For Kids To Learn and Bright Day Is Telling That Compelling Story.

The Mission …

After years of planning, and months of filming, Bright Day Foundation (and is sister company – Bright Day Big Blocks) is well into the production of their world-changing film documentary project.

The project with the working title, PLAY IS THE WAY! Is described as “the beginning of a radical movement looking to urgently implore engaged parents and educators to reinvent early childhood education,” explains David Krishock, Executive Director, at Bright Day Foundation.

Krishock continues by saying, “the hypothesis is simple – we believe play is the best way for children to learn, it’s a much more natural way for them to engage and absorb knowledge.  Play-based learning is totally child-directed, it encourages children’s natural curiosity – to explore, experiment, question and learn.  It’s time to dispose of the antiquated baby-sitter model of early learning, to better respect our children, and to provide them the best opportunity to develop cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically.”

Film Production …

Film production began the fall of 2019 in the USA, San Francisco and New York City specifically.  The film crew visited Bay Area Discovery Museum in the west, and in the east, Hollingworth Preschool at Columbia University, and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.  The children played and the film crew captured hours of evidence of children being curious, creative, using their imaginations, self-expressing, collaborating and communicating, solving problems and making decisions, building strength and dexterity, growing confidence and becoming more self-assured.

Watch Our Film Preview …

Krishock continues further, “Bright Day Foundation has set up a film documentary website:


Here you can view our 5 minute film preview and learn more about this mission critical initiative.  PLEASE VISIT, VIEW, AND ENJOY!

What’s Next …

“The coming of the pandemic slowed the projects filming progress”, says Krishock, “we were originally scheduled to finish all international filming this past summer.  Our visits to global play-based learning best practice centers (schools and playgrounds) in Japan, South Korea, England and Denmark have all been rescheduled.”

Additionally, there will be more USA filming in select locations in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California – at play centers that have demonstrated mastery of play-based, project based and theme based early childhood education.

Everyone at Bright Day Foundation, all of our Partners In Play (international best practice centers), and our film production company are now ready and set to go and safely restart this project.

Krishock concludes by saying, “our Bright Day Foundation is always happy to communicate more about who we are and what we do – for more information always feel free to reach out to us” – by phone, +1-818-914-6541 or email at contact@brightdayfoundation.org.

Play Is The Way!