NEW Referral Reward Program – We’re Helping Our Community Get Their Blocks!

The number one question from our Community to Bright Day Big Blocks usually is – “how can I get a set of Big Blocks for free?” Now, it’s not that folks expect free blocks – they are just asking about all the possibilities – such as securing Grants, or staging Fundraisers, etc. Well, when our Community speaks, we listen, and come to the rescue! We are pleased to introduce our newest program, what we call Referral Reward.

Referral Reward is both simple to understand and execute. If a school or organization wants to get that free set of Big Blocks – they simply find 4 other organizations in their network, get all 5 to order a Big Block set and 1 set is completely FREE of charge.

“This program provides yet another way for schools and organizations to plan for a free set of our Big Blocks, says Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks. Schools depend on Grants, and Fundraisers, and now they can depend on our Referral Reward program.”

This program was tested by our South Korean Distributor, and it was and is a gigantic success. “Free is a compelling proposition, and our Big Blocks are a beloved product. Combining the ideas of working inside a network to earn a free set of Big Blocks has created a super-powerful response,” continues Laurel.

A great example of how such a program works comes from Adelaide, Australia. A city park was interested in buying a Big Block set, but before they did they canvassed the other park Managers in the city – and low and behold, the total order was for several Big Block sets. That’s a perfect way to leverage the benefit of free Big Blocks via Referral Reward, says Laurel. “We filled a shipping container with Big Block sets for Adelaide, what fun! Anyone that would like help or more information on participating in the Bright Day Referral Reward program please reach out to us via email at contact@brightdaybigblocks.com or call our office at 818-914-6541. Bright Day is always here to help you help your children Play + Learn.

Excited to Introduce Our Foundation Advisor Group!

Those in our community understand our commitment to play-based learning and its role in developing young minds and bodies. Every action we take at Bright Day Foundation, and Bright Day Big Blocks supports child directed play, project and theme based learning.

It’s our goal to create what we call today’s Modern Classroom™ environment, working to create a grassroots revolution, and improve preschool education.

To underscore our commitment to dramatically improve early childhood development, Bright Day Foundation is excited to introduce its inaugural Advisor Group to you. This group of experts has been hand selected to help us sharpen our focus – improve the tools we provide our global community – generate greater awareness of play-based learning benefits – and accelerate the adoption of play-based practices among educators and engaged parents.

Our inaugural Advisor Group includes:
Ayumi Nakanishi Educator + Artist. Representing Japan and Indonesia Documentary Filmmaker, Photojournalist, Author Tamagawa University, San Francisco State University, MA. Changsook Kim Educator + Entrepreneur. Representing South Korea Chairperson, Reggio Emilia inspired kindergartens, as well as Children’s Museums Dankook University – Teachers College, Ph.D. Dominic A.A. Randolph Educator + Innovator. Representing the United States of America Head of School, Riverdale Country School, Bronx, New York Harvard University, M.Ed. Heather Pinedo-Burns Educator + Industry Thought Leader. Representing the United States of America Head of Lower School, Speyer School, New York, New York Columbia University – Teachers College, Ph.D. Karyn Flynn Educator + Business Leader. Representing the United States of America Chief Executive Officer, Chairperson and Trustee, Bay Area Discovery Museum, and The Discovery Preschool, San Francisco area, California London School of Business, MBA.

And, an additional three Advisors, from Europe and Asia will be announced shortly.
Please celebrate these appointments with us. All of us are here to help you help your children play, learn, grow – and love learning each and every day.

our group

To learn more about our Advisors, contribute to our discussions or ask a question please click above, and you’ll be taken to the Our Group section of our website.

Scholastic Book Fairs and Bright Day Big Blocks Form Partnership

“It’s a BIG day for Bright Day Big Blocks”, says Laurel Tucker, Chief Executive and creator of the big block play system that helps kids learn as they play. “Today we are happy to announce that our partnership with Scholastic Inc. and Scholastic Book Fairs has begun”, she continues.
Bright Day Big Blocks serves schools and their community by offering block play systems that stimulate a child’s natural curiosity – as well as builds self-expression, creativity, imagination, communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment as well as physical attributes like strength, coordination, and dexterity.

Scholastic Book Fairs, for over 30 years, has proudly served schools and their community by bringing books to students through their events, helping create life-long readers and learners in kids, and giving back to the schools by contributing to their fundraising efforts.
How does Scholastic Book Fairs and Bright Day Big Blocks plan to work together? Laurel Tucker explains, “when schools schedule and run a Scholastic Book Fair these schools earn credits that can be used toward product featured in their catalog. For the first time, beginning this spring, Bright Day Big Blocks, and their popular cousin, Bright Day Medium Blocks are featured in the Scholastic Book Fairs catalog.”

Over 100,000 book fair events are run in approximately 75,000 schools each year – Laurel Tucker continues, “this collaboration with Scholastic Book Fairs is a great opportunity for our company to speak along with Scholastic directly to the schools that we know most love our Bright Day Big Blocks”. So, schedule a Scholastic Book Fair! Visit their catalog! Enjoying the array of amazing products contained within, and why not order Bright Day Big Blocks? We promise educators, parents and of course the children will love our blocks – a play system that enables super-creative block building, stacking, connecting, rolling like no other – and an opportunity for kids to play and learn!

Bright Day LLC, Bright Day Big Blocks www.brightdaybigblocks.com and the Bright Day Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization www.brightdayfoundation.org – please contact Bright Day at +01-818-914-6541 or contact@brightdaybigblocks.com

Ronald McDonald House, San Diego WINS Fall 2020 Submit 2 Win Program

Each year, once in the spring and again in the fall Bright Day Big Blocks draws a winner from a barrel filled with thousands of entries in their Submit 2 Win program.

This past month we drew the winner of the fall 2020 program – Ronald McDonald House, San Diego.
Congratulations, at Bright Day Big Blocks we are so proud to be able to support your charitable efforts.
Ronald McDonald House has a mission to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children. Ronald McDonald House offers strength and hope each and every day to families suffering from their own child’s medical crisis. While a child is hospitalized and being treated Ronald McDonald House offers families nearby lodging, meals, transportation, everything possible to make for a more comfortable and secure situation.

David Krishock, Bright Day Foundation Executive Director said, “Ronald McDonald House, San Diego will receive 3 Bright Day Big Blocks Kits – our newly introduced Builders Space Kit, our Medium Green Blocks Kit, as well as our Big Green Block Kit. This collection of Blocks will enable families there to build, to stack Blocks, connect Blocks, and channel balls through hundreds of Blocks – these Kits will enable families to be together, dream and create, hopefully relax, and have some great family fun”.

Bright Day Big Blocks is currently accepting entries toward its spring 2021 Submit 2 Win program.
Laurel Tucker, Bright Day Big Blocks Chief Executive encourages folks to “visit our website at www.brightdaybigblocks.com – click the Contact link, and fill out the requested information. Once registered you are automatically entered in Submit 2 Win, and you’ll also receive a free mini Block Puzzle, plus more information about our company and the wonders of play-based learning”, she states.

Bright Day Completes First Phase of Play Based Film Documentary Project

Play Is The Best Way For Kids To Learn and Bright Day Is Telling That Compelling Story.

The Mission …

After years of planning, and months of filming, Bright Day Foundation (and is sister company – Bright Day Big Blocks) is well into the production of their world-changing film documentary project.

The project with the working title, PLAY IS THE WAY! Is described as “the beginning of a radical movement looking to urgently implore engaged parents and educators to reinvent early childhood education,” explains David Krishock, Executive Director, at Bright Day Foundation.

Krishock continues by saying, “the hypothesis is simple – we believe play is the best way for children to learn, it’s a much more natural way for them to engage and absorb knowledge.  Play-based learning is totally child-directed, it encourages children’s natural curiosity – to explore, experiment, question and learn.  It’s time to dispose of the antiquated baby-sitter model of early learning, to better respect our children, and to provide them the best opportunity to develop cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically.”

Film Production …

Film production began the fall of 2019 in the USA, San Francisco and New York City specifically.  The film crew visited Bay Area Discovery Museum in the west, and in the east, Hollingworth Preschool at Columbia University, and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.  The children played and the film crew captured hours of evidence of children being curious, creative, using their imaginations, self-expressing, collaborating and communicating, solving problems and making decisions, building strength and dexterity, growing confidence and becoming more self-assured.

Watch Our Film Preview …

Krishock continues further, “Bright Day Foundation has set up a film documentary website:


Here you can view our 5 minute film preview and learn more about this mission critical initiative.  PLEASE VISIT, VIEW, AND ENJOY!

What’s Next …

“The coming of the pandemic slowed the projects filming progress”, says Krishock, “we were originally scheduled to finish all international filming this past summer.  Our visits to global play-based learning best practice centers (schools and playgrounds) in Japan, South Korea, England and Denmark have all been rescheduled.”

Additionally, there will be more USA filming in select locations in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California – at play centers that have demonstrated mastery of play-based, project based and theme based early childhood education.

Everyone at Bright Day Foundation, all of our Partners In Play (international best practice centers), and our film production company are now ready and set to go and safely restart this project.

Krishock concludes by saying, “our Bright Day Foundation is always happy to communicate more about who we are and what we do – for more information always feel free to reach out to us” – by phone, +1-818-914-6541 or email at contact@brightdayfoundation.org.

Play Is The Way!

Bright Day Launches New Products Just in Time for New School Year

Teacher tested, Parent tested, Kids tested – and most important – Teacher, Parent and Kid Approved!

Our community of schools, and family oriented venues depends on Bright Day Big Blocks to innovate, developing imaginative Block products to help engage children in play. Teachers and parents know that play builds curiosity, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, confidence – and more. They know play is a fun and natural way for children to experience the world around them, one of the best ways for kids to grow and learn.

With the onset of the 2020 fall school season Bright Day Big Blocks has created two new and exciting Block products. Both of course engineered with our fun, soft and friendly, certified safe EVA foam.

Each product works with our family of Big Blocks, Medium Blocks, and Small Blocks Kits – to further extend the play value of our line of products.

Our first product is called ANIMALS. Here we created 18 animal figures in Big and Medium sizes. The ANIMALS include:

Elephant, Camel, Parrot, Crocodile, Hippo, Giraffe
Moose, Horse, Owl, Fish, Muskrat, Rattle Snake
Cow, Chicken, Pig, Rabbit, Hawk, Sheep

“Our intention with ANIMALS was to create themes – a Zoo theme, a Ranch theme, and a Farm theme”, says Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Bright Day Big Blocks. “The ANIMAL Big size Blocks are kid-sized and the children can sit on them and play with Blocks as big as they are – these are sold 6 to a kit. The Medium size Blocks are big, but more hand sized, sold 40 to a Kit and create a marvelous play environment. Our research and testing shows that children love to create themes and pretend with these ANIMAL Blocks”, she continues.

Our second new product is simply called BRICKS. Bright Day Big Block uses one size brick – 10x5x3 inches – and provides these in a standard Kit of 45 pieces – or, as many as you would like to order. “We speak to teachers and educators just about every single day – and about a quarter of these folks, unprompted, would say to us – hey! you should offer a brick block – well, okay, we listened and here you go – very exciting”, says Laurel Tucker. She continues by saying, “bricks might seem like a very simple building tool but give a group of children a load of bricks and watch their imaginations soar. We love the way our Bricks combine with our other Block products and truly enhance the children’s play-and-learn experience.”

It’s also good to note that over the last 18 months we have developed dozens of customized, play space environments. Each one of these amazing playgrounds for kids is like developing a new product specifically for that environment. We have created customized builds for Florida, Nebraska and California, and more in the USA – as well as in Japan, South Korea, China and Hong Kong, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and more worldwide. Laurel Tucker concludes by saying – “anyone that desires a customized product or play space do give us a call – we have a team of designers and engineers that can help make you and your kids building dreams come true”.

All Bright Day Big Blocks products are available by calling us at +1-818-914-6541 – by contacting us at contact@brightdaybigblocks.com – or by visiting our new online shop which you can access by visiting our website at www.brightdaybigblocks.com.


BRIGHT DAY Big Blocks Kicks Off SUBMIT 2 WIN

Colorful blocks

Colorful blocksTwice Each Year, Spring + Fall, a Big Block Kit is gifted to a School by BRIGHT DAY Big Blocks SUBMIT 2 WIN program. Bright Day gives back to their community via several gifting programs each year. September brings a new, fresh opportunity to enter SUBMIT 2 WIN and win a BRIGHT DAY Big Block Kit – Hooray!

Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day and BRIGHT DAY Big Blocks Chief Executive says “we have some great gifting programs – and SUBMIT 2 Win is certainly a favorite of our community of schools. We encourage all schools and their many representatives to enter and enter often – it’s a random drawing, so the more you enter the better chance you have of winning”, she states.

It’s easy to enter – simply go to our website – www.brightdaybigblocks.com – click Contact, fill out the entry form, and voila, you are entered. Filling out the form not only enters you in SUBMIT 2 WIN but if you are an Educator you will receive in the mail one of our FAMOUS mini Builder Puzzles – Hooray Again!

Laurel Tucker continues – “we also want to congratulate Blackstone Innovation School in Boston, Massachusetts – recipients of this past seasons SUBMIT 2 WIN program. They chose the BRIGHT DAY Big Bright Blocks (pictured above) – it’s 140 pieces of multi-colored fun – promoting theme based building and play. 92 shapes and 14 colors – kids can build whatever they dream”.

Don’t miss out – enter SUBMIT 2 WIN – and collect a super FUN, Play Based Learning tool that with use gets better each day contributing to the creative, social, and emotional development of your children.
And again – Hooray!

The SUBMI 2 WIN program is valid only in the United States. Organizations can enter as often as they like. For our Fall 2020 program all entries must be submitted by Friday, January 15, 2021. This gift includes one Big Block Kit, as well as related shipping charges.

Bright Day Big Blocks Launches Preschool Classroom Curriculum

Company Helping Build Today’s Modern Classroom by Supporting Play, Theme, and Project-Based Learning

Today Bright Day Big Blocks and its not-for-profit Bright Day Foundation launches its play, theme and project-based curriculum, developed to help preschool and kindergarten teachers stimulate that inborn curiosity children possess, getting them to engage more, collaborate more, discover more, and develop that natural love for learning.

Across the globe classrooms that serve the development of children 2 to 6 years old are rapidly growing in numbers, and are projected to continue to grow over the next decade. This growth is attributable to communities being more aware of the developmental advantages of early learning, and government willingness to fund the expansion of preschools and kindergartens. Over the last decade, the quality of programs offered in these classrooms has improved, but it is generally believed by educators that more can be done to better stimulate the brains and bodies of young children.

Over the last 18 months, Bright Day has worked with its global partners in Asia, in Europe and across the USA to develop preschool curriculum that is play-based, theme-based, and project-based in its approach. Bright Day coined the term Modern Classroom to describe the learning environment this new style curriculum creates.

“The most natural activity for a child is play,” says Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder, Chief Executive of Bright Day Big Blocks. “While a child is at play they encounter so many learning situations and opportunities. Experts contend children are exposed to the entire world through their play – building vocabulary through communication, creativity through exploration, problem-solving through experimentation. Also, as children play they build dexterity and strength. Play fully builds the social, and emotional aspects, as well as the brain and body of every child,” she continues.

The Bright Day Classroom Curriculum combined the philosophies of pioneers in early childhood education – Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Rudolf Steiner, Loris Malaguzzi, and others. In their day, these experts supported a child-focused, play-based learning approach possessing play themes, as well as taking on the scope of longer-term, collaborative projects as the best way for a child to develop, and ultimately embrace a desire to learn.

Bright Day’s Co-Founder and its Foundation Executive Director, David Krishock says. “we believe any preschool or kindergarten can adopt our Modern Classroom practices. Our play, theme and project-based curriculum provides teachers with an easy to understand and follow blueprint – featuring philosophy and practice, as well as process and a step-by-step approach to launching this in any school or related organization. We are using every ounce of our energy to make it easy for schools to adopt a better way for children to learn – we 100% wholeheartedly believe play is the way forward,” he states.

Bright Day Foundation and Bright Day Big Blocks want all early childhood organizations to know that the curriculum is 100% free to all teachers and schools – and also there is an open invitation to participate. “once you create, you must evolve,” says Laurel Tucker. She continues, “We welcome input from progressive institutions and certified educators who desire to help build this Modern Classroom through play, theme, and project-based approaches.” Submissions including opinions, ideas, and addendum’s can be submitted to:

Bright Day Big Blocks Classroom Curriculum

P.O. Box 8039

Los Angeles, CA 91372

To obtain a copy of Bright Day Big Block Classroom Curriculum visit www.brightdaybigblocks.com and follow the prompts to a downloadable version.

Bright Day Foundation Launches Its First Giving Campaign

More Blocks More Fun

More Blocks More Fun

Earlier this year, Bright Day Foundation launched itself and its 2020 Giving Campaign by focusing gifts to Children’s Museums throughout the United States of America. This campaign, titled More Blocks More Fun, resulted in gifting close to 100 Medium Block Kits with a value of over $35,000 USD.

David Krishock, Bright Day Co-Founder, and head of the Bright Day Foundation said, “it’s not so much the value of the gift – but rather how many children we have helped through this effort. We estimate these gifted Blocks have touched close to 100,000 children thus far, as well as their parents and relatives.

Nothing better than helping children play – because when they play, they not only have fun – they learn and grow.”

Planning for this initiative began in 2019 when members of the Association of Children’s Museum members were contacted by Bright Day Big Blocks and asked if they would be interested in a donation of the kid-favorite Medium Block Kit. “The promise made – it’s a gift from the heart, no strings attached. The response from many ACM members was – how soon can we get these Blocks – and the program was off and running,” says Krishock.

The scope of the program was large – “I believe it covered locations from coast to coast – from Vermont to California and every state in between. At Bright Day Foundation we realized we touched Children’s Museums doing good work in rural areas, in areas serving those economically disadvantaged, and even on-the-go mobile play centers. We were humbled working with children’s museums that put so much effort into serving their community and helping young children find joy in playing. The Association of Children’s Museums is a great organization with amazing members – we are proud to be a partner with them,” says Krishock.

Bright Day Foundation is working on its next gifting program, TitleOneDerful ™ – a program designed to reach the more than 45,000 Title 1 elementary schools in the United States. Details of this exciting program will be announced this June.

To learn more about Bright Day Foundation and Bright Day Big Blocks visit website www.brightdaybigblocks.com or www.brightdayfoundation.org

Helping Teachers Smile

Bright Day speaks with Teachers each and every day. Over the last three weeks Bright Day’s interaction with Teachers has left the company with a bit of worry. Teachers are having to carve new pathways to be in touch with their kids during this unsettled time.

Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks says “the Teachers we have spoken to are 100% dedicated to keeping in touch and helping their children as much as possible during this “Safer At Home” period. As we speak to Teachers we can hear the worry for their children in their voices. This impressive Teacher effort makes us want to help in any way we can – we all love and greatly respect our community of Teachers.”

Laurel Tucker explains, “based on who we are and what we do here at Bright Day we would like to try and break some of the stress of the moment – maybe bring a smile to our Teacher’s faces – and we believe we can do so with a gift.

Right now we are manufacturing thousands of our Bright Day mini Block Builder Puzzles – it’s a fun and engaging toy with over 62 mini blocks that anyone can use to build whatever they can imagine. We hope this will bring relaxation and hopefully a smile to our Teachers,” she says.

To claim a Bright Day mini Block Builder Puzzle certified Teachers simply visit the Bright Day Big Blocks website http://www.brightdaybigblocks.com/contact, provide school name, mailing information, and the mini Block Builder Puzzle will be shipped.” Laurel Tucker continues, “we expect to have 5000 mini Block Builder Puzzles in our office next week – we would love for Teachers from every corner of the USA to have a chance to relax and create – this offer is good until every last one of those Puzzles has found a home.”

“Teachers – we love you – please accept our gift of creativity,” says Laurel Tucker.