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We operate BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCKS on a school year calendar – so our year ends in June, says Co-Founder Laurel Tucker. We fell into that habit when our other Co-Founder, David Krishock ran SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS some years back. When you operate on a school calendar you realize that most people do – operate on a school calendar this is – because millions of adults are parents, and their children’s schedules and calendars are organized around attending school. So, when we look back over the last 12 months – we are so happy – so pleased we have helped close to a million children play over the last year – we have connected and made friends with thousands of parents and educators – and we have watched our play based initiatives grow and contribute to helping communities worldwide. We are honored to serve the education community – and proud to have developed into trusted partner to schools and related organizations worldwide.

We always want to take an opportunity to thank those that have supported us this past year:

~ supported us in our for-profit Bright Day Big Blocks business. This product has demonstrated that so much cognitive + physical benefit comes from unique, engaging + fun play products. Big Blocks are a big idea!  Our customers, our community love our Blocks – and our Blocks are a natural complement to our mission of getting more children playing. When speaking to us about our Blocks the most used word among our customers, our play community is “love”. We get so emotional when we speak with our community – we love that you love, and we promise to continue to work hard to offer the most unique, playful Big Block experiences to help you all help your children play + learn.

~ we also owe you thanks for the support of our not-for-profit Bright Day Foundation. Our two biggest moments this past year include (1) continued production of our global film documentary promoting play and play-based learning titled PLAY IS THE WAY! We filmed in 6 more countries, visiting best-practice schools and play-centers. This film will speak boldly to a global audience of parents + educators that play is the best way for our children to learn. This film will premiere in 2024. (2) Our Foundation also launched a giving program titled TITLE ONE DERFUL, where we, and those that donate, gift our beloved Big Blocks to USA based schools in need – recognizing that every single child in every community deserves respect, love, and an opportunity to play.

I recall a long, long time ago there was an advertisement on the television that stated – “We Do it All for You” – and I don’t recall what company that was – but that sediment does reflect who we are at Bright Day, and what we do. Be it Blocks, or Curriculum, gifting our product to help communities, or films promoting play – we do it all to help you help your children play + learn. And we do that because we know it works. You know that too, we align with you.

Thank you for a great school year – we are so proud to be partners now and in the future,

~ Laurel Tucker