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Are your children interested in all things FARM? Animals like sheep, chickens, cows, pigs, rabbits, even soaring hawks? What a great class trip or play theme a farm can be. How about a ZOO? How much fun is it to go to the zoo – with camels, hippos, elephants, crocodiles, parrots, and giraffes?

When Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks set out to design the new Big ANIMAL Blocks that’s exactly what she had in mind. Almost like creating a field trip without leaving the actual school or play center. She wanted to create something fun and adventurous, big and kid-sized, soft and loving, providing theme play which encourages active learning, and an opportunity for the child to engage emotionally, really connect and make a new friend.

“We always love observing, watching children play, we learn so much” says Laurel Tucker, “when children play with our Big Blocks it simply magical, quite transformational – and when they play with our ANIMAL Blocks their play takes on a whole new dimension. Children really emotionally connect with our ANIMALS – they find their favorite, they carry them around the play space, hug and kiss them, sit on them, they adopt the ANIMALS and give them names, like Sarah, Justin, or Mrs. Hippo – these ANIMALS become pals – we just love it, it’s very valuable play resulting in playful learning”.

Every single one of the new Bright Day BIG ANIMAL Block characters has found a child to love them – the FARM and ZOO animals (as described) and the RANCH kit as well – featuring horses, eagles, moose, rattlesnakes, and more.

The BIG kit features 6 BIG kid-sized Blocks. ANIMALS also comes in a MEDIUM size, 40 half-sized Blocks. The ANIMALS are all made with the same commercial quality EVA foam – highly durable for use in schools and play centers – very soft, friendly and 100% certified safe.

Laurel Tucker concludes, “your children will love the ANIMALS – my promise. Let me know the classroom theme you’re planning, or just the characters your children might love the best. If we don’t have exactly what you need we’ll make the perfect character, size, color for you – can do! – we are always here to help.”

Laurel Tucker also encourages all educators to connect with our PLAY-BASED CURRICULUM, featuring tips and tools on child-directed play, theme, and project based learning. Find the curriculum at:

And for anyone that wants to know more about Bright Day Big Blocks + Bright Day Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization and our new BIG ANIMAL Blocks please call 01-818-914-6541, email or visit the company website at

About Bright Day Big Blocks

Bright Day Big Blocks is a fun, new and unique play system designed to stimulate creative play. Bright Day offers big soft blocks and designs play space environments that peaks a child’s curiosity, unlocks creativity, inspires collaboration, and builds confidence. These big foam blocks encourage play that builds cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills important in the development of all children. Bright Day can be found around the world – in schools, playgrounds, libraries, hospitals, family resort hotels, airports, restaurants, public parks, camps – anywhere you find children playing. Bright Day Big Blocks is transforming lives through play – building stronger brains and bodies and enabling a brighter future for our children.

About Bright Day Foundation

Bright Day Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help educators and parents better understand the importance of play in the development of children. And, in gaining an appreciation for plays importance – parent and educators become community advocates for more play!

The Foundation advances its mission and goals by:

~ Creating, producing, and distributing instructional content for adults, like our global feature film documentary, PLAY IS THE WAY!

~ Disseminating how-to classroom learning materials like our PLAY, THEME + PROJECT BASED curriculum

~ Donating tools that inspire play and learning like our Bright Day Big Blocks to underserved schools in the United States through our TITLE-ONE-DERFUL Giving Program

Contact our Foundation today – let’s discuss how we can help you help children your play and learn – building toward a brighter future.

laurel visits a farm