product benefits:

joy, fun
release, relaxation
curiosity, exploration
open ended, child guided play
use of imagination, creativity, self-expression
active, engagement
communication, speech development
collaboration, kindness
problem solving, focus, determination
exercise, movement, motor skill development
accomplishment, pride, building confidence
builds strong brains + bodies through continued use

product features:

all products support play based learning – open play, theme based play, project based play, etc. safe, soft, lightweight, friendly blocks. block kits made for organizations (schools, children’s centers) as well as for home use. great for children from birth to 10+ years of age use out-doors as well as in-doors. all products 100% child safe, material + safety tested – all certified super durable – made with EVA foam – non-toxic, polyethylene – guaranteed 3 years (replacement warranty) non-porous – blocks do not absorb or hold water – no bacteria, mold, mildew easy to clean – a wet cloth and an antibacterial soap returns blocks to their brightness easy to repair – troublesome tar and bubblegum removed with light sandpaper, recyclable, fire-proof – smolder, but do not ignite easy to store – stackable in small space (block container also available for purchase) colors carefully chosen – single color blocks kits + multi-color block kits yield above benefits block sizes – based on particular product, blocks made in sizes big, mid, small (+ custom) custom sets, sizes, colors + custom environments.

frequently asked questions:

Where did the idea for Bright Day come from?
In 1988 a collective of parents in a Chicago suburb were looking for better ways to make learning fun for their toddlers – using a combination of books + toys – open play + storytelling. In 2005 Bright Day was formed – a LLC and a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit. The company began with books + storytelling – and today majors in play based learning. Bright Day works hard to collect and offer the best education based toys + tools it can find globally to build the strongest brains + bodies in kids

Can you tell me about your product safety?
Our products are non-toxic + non-porous, thus resistant to germs with normal cleaning. All products are material and child safety tested – and certified safe (certificates are available for your inspection). All product meet ASTM and CPSC safety standards

Where are your products sold?
The leaders of Bright Day have introduced children in over 50 countries to big blocks and similar products. The new Bright Day Big Blocks are offered and sold worldwide – primarily in the USA, Asia, Europe + Latin America

How are the products made?
The blocks are made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing center in North China. Imagine a 3D printer making each block – pretty close! – each block is machine milled to insure precision, consistency + the highest quality

What are your products made of?
Bright Day is committed to EVA foam as a fun + safe material for kid’s products. The blocks are lightweight, soft + friendly, waterproof, resistant to sun, heat, fading, cold, breakage, mold, mildew + corrosion

You say lightweight, how heavy?
Our products come in a variety of sizes – but weight is only a concern when smaller children are playing with bigger blocks. Our big blocks have an average weight of 3 pounds, and our biggest block, the plank, weighs approx. 7 pounds

How long do your products last?
We manufacture the finest products, using the finest processes, from the finest raw materials. The leaders of Bright Day have been involved in the big block business for close to a decade – it is our experience that your blocks will last 10 years or more – a wise investment in play. (note, please, as the blocks age the color softens slightly – but this in no way reduces their playability)

Do your products have a warranty?
Our products have a 3 year replacement warranty – 3X longer than any competitor. Please contact us for more details about this products warranty

What about the environment?
Bright Day Big Blocks are 100% recyclable. Please contact us if you desire more details on this products recyclability

What’s the best way to clean my blocks?
Best way to clean blocks is with warm soapy water (antibacterial soap) and a soft cloth – that brings each block back to its bright color. For more serious soil like tar or bubble gum – a light grit sandpaper and a quick rub is perfect. (note, please – we sell to medical centers that require use of chemical disinfectants – no problem, we suggest testing your solution on a small block first). All organizations we know of have had success in cleaning their blocks

What colors do Bright Day Big Blocks come in?
All colors!
We have single-color green blocks which promote open-ended play
We have multi-colored (14 different colors) blocks that promote theme-based play
We do custom kits in colors to meet the needs of our customer. Just call us – we can discuss the benefits of single-color, multi-color + if you have custom needs glad to help you find your solution.

I’ve heard so much about free block kits – how do I get them?
Everyone has a chance to win free block kits – or, claim a free Big Block Builder Puzzle – just check out the Program page of our website
We also host an initiative through our not-for-profit, Bright Day Foundation to raise donations to give kits each year to schools in need (USA) – just check out the Charity page of our website

How much do your products cost? I can’t find your prices online.
We have block kits that fit every budget – be it for a school, a library, a children’s center, a public park, or a home playroom or bedroom
We do not publish pricing on-line because our prices vary globally – our blocks are a different price in Topeka, Kansas than they are in Tokyo, Japan
But, please call – we can send you a price sheet if in the USA – and direct you to our distributor if overseas – either way – we know we offer the lowest block kit prices – in many cases 40% lower than our competitors – we have a 100% best price guarantee!

Do you finance your block kits?
For USA residents – purchasing certain products in certain quantity – we offer a one year financing option

Once I order, how long a wait before my block kit arrives?
At Bright Day are able to tell you precisely when your blocks will be delivered to your door This will vary depending whether you are ordering a Small Block kit, or a Big Custom Block kit We will always review inventory + shipping with you prior to you ordering – and we will always provide you a guaranteed arrival date

Do you offer specials, and discounts for repeat Customers?
We find that close to 100% of those that purchase our product desires to purchase more – so we believe educators + parents understand the power of our products – and the kids just love to play. Please call us to discuss our Current Customer Rewards Program – and the specials and discounts for repeat purchasers

Do you have a Customer Referral program?
Folks love our blocks so much they love to help others discover our product.
Please call us to discuss the rewards + incentives with our Customer Referral Program – we thank you for helping us by helping others discover Bright Day Big Blocks

Where are you located?
The idea for our company was born in Chicago, our products are designed in Los Angeles, where we have our headquarters office. Also, we have another design lab in Hong Kong, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North China. We like to say – created here, made there – and shared all over the world!

How do I get in touch with Bright Day?
Thank you for asking – we love being in touch – nothing better than helping you bring the joy of play to the kids in your community.
Our phone number is: +1-818-914-6541
Our email is
We promise to respond to every message same day – or at least within 24 hours