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Glasgow, Scotland – June 6 to 9, 2023 – Bright Day Foundation, a partner organization of Bright Day Big Blocks, attended the 22nd International Play Association Triennial World Conference to present and promote its PLAY IS THE WAY! documentary feature film.

“It was years in the planning, participating in the IPA conference, “says David Krishock, Executive Director of Bright Day Foundation and overall company Co-Founder, “we considered the invitation from IPA an honor and an important opportunity to strengthen our relationship with this expert community. “

IPA is one of the most influential play organizations in the world – they represent over 50 countries and their focus is about a child’s right to play.  IPA works to protect, to preserve, and to promote children’s right to play as a fundamental human right.  Bright Day Foundation is an active member of IPA, and they encourage anyone who loves and respects children to consider membership in IPA as well.

While at the global conference the film production company, Partners In Cinema, was able to film IPA representatives from Sweden, Germany, USA, Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong for inclusion in the film documentary PLAY IS THE WAY!  And film director, Bennett Krishock, was able to present the updated and expanded film preview to the IPA membership attending the event.

The updated and expanded PLAY IS THE WAY! film preview will be hosted on the Bright Day Foundation film site   for public viewing.

The previous, shorter 5-minute version contained footage filmed solely in the USA, pre-pandemic.  The new, 10-minute version includes footage from recent filming sessions in Asia (Japan and South Korea) as well as Europe (Netherlands and England).

The message of our film documentary, PLAY IS THE WAY! is powerful, and the film footage is glorious, engaging to watch, capturing the essence and emotion of children playing and learning in both schools and play-centers.

David Krishock says, “our Foundation goal is to build awareness of the importance of play – our film takes its audience, educators and parents, to places they have never seen before – to best-practice centers that for decades have used play and play-based learning to better educate their children.  This film is quickly becoming a factual proof-source for telling a story to its audience that quite possibly play is the best way for children to learn”.

As a final thought David Krishock says, “let’s support IPA through membership – and, please give our new and updated PLAY IS THE WAY! film preview a look, and finally, in your daily lives, always help your children play – for them, for our children play is as vital as air, water and food”.