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“Today’s uneven economy has play centers and schools scrambling financially to update facilities and offer programs that truly help children play to learn”, says David Krishock, Co-Founder of Bright Day Learning.

We speak to hundreds of schools and child care organizations each month about our play philosophy, about our curriculum, about our play-to-lean Big Blocks.  And a consistent and common theme today is the economy – more specifically – how todays economy is restricting spending on new plans and programs to help young children develop both physically and cognitively.  We discuss with educators and teachers how they want to be better equipped to unlock their children’s curiosity, build creativity, enable collaboration among their children,

and build confidence!  And, we compare notes on how play helps them pursue their goals.

When educators, teachers, and care givers speak – we listen – at Bright Day we are 100% programmed to serve our community.

So, we are happy to launch a new program we call – PLAY NOY, PAY LATER!

Simply explained – the program details are as simple as the programs name – contact us, order your Block set and make a nominal down payment, and follow up with two added payments over the next months.

Simple – Yes!

Helpful to those feeling financially restrained – Yes!

School districts often provide us purchase orders that allow us to ship our Blocks to schools prior to paying.  PLAY NOW, PAY LATER! can help everyone else get our magical Blocks in the hands of amazing Kids as soon as possible.  We can work together to get more children playing and more children learning through play.

David Krishock encourages every preschool, nursery, daycare, pre-K, kindergarten, lower school, public library, children’s museum, nature, science, discovery center – everyone and anyone to call Bright Day to learn more about PLAY NOW, PAY LATER!

He concludes by saying, “this another Gift of Play to our community we are proud to offer – we know our Blocks work to engage and develop children – we see today that some in our community are struggling financially – we always want to help, and we can easily help here”.

To learn more about Bright Day Big Blocks and our Bright Day Foundation please call

+1 818 914 6541 or email  You can also enjoy our stories, videos, and photos by engaging with us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.  You can also connect direct with David Krishock on LinkedIn.

About Bright Day Big Blocks

Bright Day Big Blocks is a fun, new and unique play system designed to stimulate creative play. Bright Day offers big soft blocks and designs play space environments that peaks a child’s curiosity, unlocks creativity, inspires collaboration, and builds confidence. These big foam blocks encourage play that builds cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills important in the development of all children. Bright Day can be found around the world – in schools, playgrounds, libraries, hospitals, family resort hotels, airports, restaurants, public parks, camps – anywhere you find children playing. Bright Day Big Blocks is transforming lives through play – building stronger brains and bodies and enabling a brighter future for our children.

About Bright Day Foundation

Bright Day Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help educators and parents better understand the importance of play in the development of children. And, in gaining an appreciation for plays importance – parent and educators become community advocates for more play!

The Foundation advances its mission and goals by:

~ Creating, producing, and distributing instructional content for adults, like our global feature film documentary, PLAY IS THE WAY!

~ Disseminating how-to classroom learning materials like our PLAY, THEME + PROJECT BASED curriculum

~ Donating tools that inspire play and learning like our Bright Day Big Blocks to underserved schools in the United States through our TITLE-ONE-DERFUL Giving Program

We are here to help you, our community, help your children through the power of Play!