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Discussing PLAY IS THE WAY! Film Documentary and BRIGHT DAY BIG BLOCKS in Seoul, South Korea

When you are devoted to promoting play, when you are a missionary for spreading the message about the benefits of play-based learning, there is never a dull moment, never a quiet time.  

Early November our crew, including David Krishock, Co-Founder of Bright Day Foundation & Bright Day Big Blocks visited Seoul, South Korea to advance the organizations work in helping more children – every child, everywhere – play and play more.

David Krishock was keynote speaker at EDUCARE LEADERS FORUM 2023 where his remarks focused on the documentary film his organization is producing, titled PLAY IS THE WAY!

The film features stores from play experts, from 8 countries, 18 locations – doctors, educators, CEO’s of play organizations – all telling their professional accounts, in their own words about how play is most definitely the best way for children to learn – and advocating for all educators and parents to participate in reinventing childhood education.

Krishock says, “Medical experts agree our children are facing a medical health crisis – children worldwide are playing less and stressing more – less play means lower levels of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.  Education experts agree play-based learning is the more natural, more beneficial way to learn – when our film audience hears the facts our film presents everyone will agree – play is the way”.  He continues, “our goal is to help the millions of teachers and the billions of parents worldwide experience our film in their local cities, towns, and villages – in theaters, school auditoriums and community centers – and in better understanding the power of play, we all create a modern revolution in early childhood education.  There is a better way – and we present that path forward in our film, PLAY IS THE WAY!”

Hyeonsik Heang, President, CEO of LG + meeting with David Krishock, Co-Founder of Bright Day LLC, discussing plans for Play Is The Way! a soon to be released documentary film produced by Bright Day Foundation.

In addition to the EDUCARE conference Krishock visited the offices of LG ELECTRONICS, headquartered in Seoul.  Most specifically he met with LG EDUCATION, LG ENTERTAINMENT and Hyeonsik Hwang, the CEO of LGU+.  “These discussions focused on our film, PLAY IS THE WAY! and on our emerging television series, BLOCK PARTY!” said Krishock.  The meetings also included, KCS EDU, a Korean education consulting firm and longtime Bright Day LLC business partner.  Continued Krishock, “Nothing is better than meeting like-minded professionals that fully understand the importance of what we do, and want to share in our journey, our effort to change and improve the world.  

Bright Day, and Co-Founder Krishock are thankful to be given the opportunity to discuss their projects and shine a spotlight on the need for play, more play in children’s lives.

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