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Everyone loves the American television program Shark Tank. Shark Tank airs every Friday night in the United States, attracting over 5 million weekly viewers. Shark Tank is a phenomenon, also attracting 40,000 entrepreneurs annually who apply to be contestants on the show. Contestants present their idea, product or company to a panel of celebrity investors, nicknamed “sharks” who then decide if they want to invest and become part-owners of these small businesses – all with an eye on growing sales, growing profits, and creating riches.

So, when Bright Day Big Blocks received a call encouraging its participation in Season 15 of Shark Tank it was flattering.  It seems the company mission, its innovative product, its fun brand, business success and founder popularity – were forces that possibly attracted Shark Tank to Bright Day.

“Great to be recognized – we must be doing some things well, says David Krishock, Bright Day Co-Founder.  Bright Day is driven by play for children, and establishing play-based learning in schools.  

Our fantastic, popular, play changing Big Blocks provide schools and play centers the perfect product to enable cognitive and physical development for youngsters.  

All dollars we generate are returned to the company to create awareness, to developed innovative new products, or given to Bright Day Foundation – our 501c3 charitable organization to help underserved schools.   

We greatly respect Shark Tank, it is thrilling Hollywood-style entertainment.  The program encourages entrepreneurs to dream big – which is fantastic.  For some businesses partnering with Shark Tank might be right, a perfect fit – but it’s not for Bright Day.  At Bright Day we never think about outside investors, about exploding profits, or making everyone rich.”

Krishock continues, “At Bright Day we answer to one community and one community only – we answer to educators, to parents, and to children.  We know we are doing a great job if we can help get more children playing every day.  Our Big Blocks work to make that happen – and we will work to make our Big Blocks the best product at the best price to expand accessibility to our community worldwide.”

Krishock concludes, “Thank you Shark Tank, we deeply appreciate your invitation.  No to competing on your program – but yes to watching as often as possible, as millions do.”

Interested in learning more about Bright Day LLC, Bright Day Big Blocks, Bright Day Foundation – a 501c3 charitable organization?  Please contact us via email at or by phone at +1-818-914-6541