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With a Mission of Promoting Play and Play-based Learning Bright Day is Expanding its Education Footprint

Bright Day LLC and its operating entities Bright Day Big Blocks and not-for-profit Bright Day Foundation believes the world wants to watch children express their amazing creative and collaboration skills in a new television series called BLOCK PARTY ™.

What do you get when you blend 9 children 6 years and under – in an over 10,000 square foot indoor and outdoor play space – with thousands of build-able loose parts like blocks, and wood, fabric, and PVC pipe, and sand, and more?  “I’ll tell you what you get says Laurel Tucker, show creator and company co-founder – “you get a little bit of chaos and a lot of creativity and joy”.

Each program is divided into 6 equal segments – challenge, design, collect, build, present, and recognize.  A theme is chosen from which the children can create, the children then design their inspiration, then collect their build-able loose parts, and then the 3 teams of 3 children begin to build their designs – once their masterpieces are complete they present them to a live audience and are recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments.

“In developing our BLOCK PARTY series we spoke to a lot of educators – and watched a lot of TV – we witnessed the love and camaraderie of the GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF, starring Paul Hollywood – as well as the creativity and spectacle of PROJECT RUNWAY, staring Heidi Klum.  We were highly inspired by both”, says Tucker.

An inaugural partner in BLOCK PARTY is kidSTREAM, a Los Angeles area Children’s Museum.  kidSTREAM not only provides the physical facility for the USA production – but its community provides the shows participants and audience.  Michael Shanklin, kidSTREAM Executive Director is dedicated to promoting play, excited about the series, and about bringing the show to his museum.  Shanklin says, “kidSTREAM is thrilled to work with Bright Day Big Blocks and Bright Day Foundation to bring the important work of play to the forefront.  Our children need play now more than ever after a devastating time of isolation.  The creativity and collaboration that BLOCK PARTY will bring is just the thing our children need to begin the critical healing process.  kidSTREAM is honored to be the USA host for national productions of the show and the children we serve are going to be real winners”.

At this time BLOCK PARTY also has television series production partners in both Japan and South Korea.  “In Japan our production partner has plans to stage live, public BLOCK PARTY themed events in their playgrounds nationwide,” says Tucker.

Tucker concludes by saying, “our goal is urgent – we must create awareness and advocacy for more play.  BLOCK PARTY is part of the solution – it will be a loud voice, each program will be a constant reminder to a mass audience of parents in the USA and hopefully worldwide.”

On a related note she says, “we are finishing production on our global documentary film project – PLAY IS THE WAY ™.  This film is a fact based proof-source demonstrating play is the best way for children to develop, learn and grow.” Please visit our documentary film website at to learn more.

For more information on Bright Day LLC, Bright Day Foundation, Bright Day Big Blocks, Bright Day Play-based Curriculum, Bright Day Block Party, and Play Is The Way, a film documentary – or just to connect with thoughts or questions please call 01 818 914 6541 or email