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“Thank you Bright Day Big Blocks for the opportunity to receive this amazing gift.  Our families and children are going to be ecstatic.”

~ Heidi Hernandez, Director of Member Services


Each year a lucky winner is drawn from the big blue block storage caddy Bright Day keeps in its office.  This past year there were over a thousand entries.  And the lucky winner for 2022 was the YMCA, and more specifically the West Side Y of Greater Green Bay Wisconsin.  Hooray + Congratulations!

Bright Day Big Blocks is happy to share its Big Blocks with the community of Green Bay.  And this year they made this annual gift even more special by giving the Y its newest product – Bright Day Mix Block kit.  The new Mix Block kit combines big and medium blocks, their customer’s two favorite sizes, with green and blue blocks, the world’s two favorite colors – now that’s a great MIX!

Bright Day shipped the YMCA Green Bay West 210 pieces, enough for about 25 children at a time to stack, connect, and channel balls through the blocks – igniting both brains and bodies through play.  The Y has committed to sending play pictures which Bright Day promises to share on their social media sites.

Laurel Tucker, Bright Day Big Blocks Co-Founder says, “SUBMIT 2 WIN! is just our favorite program of the year – it’s where we share our favorite product, our Big Blocks with our favorite people – those that join our community by simply completing a contact form on our website”.

She continues, “I encourage everyone to join our community and give your organization a chance to win SUBMIT 2 WIN!  We have already begun collecting entries for 2023 – and like the YMCA, you can win too,”

To enter SUBMIT 2 WIN! 2023 please visit the Contact section of the Bright Day Big Blocks website.  Enter today!  To learn more about our products, prices and play-based benefits give Bright Day a call at 818 914 6541.