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The Bright Day Foundation tribute to play-based learning, the film documentary titled PLAY IS THE WAY! is back in production after a 2-year pandemic-induced hiatus.

“Exactly two years ago April, we were packed up and heading to Japan, after successfully filming here in the USA, in New York and San Francisco, when everything – EVERYTHING – came to a screeching halt, ” says David Krishock, Executive Director of Bright Day Foundation.  He continued, “we were eager to film with our international partners in Europe, Asia, and the USA so we could continue to assemble our film and tell our story – a revolutionary story that must be told to educators and parents worldwide – that quite possibly play is the best way for our children to learn.”

Children possess a natural curiosity and have an innate desire to learn.  Also, children love to play.  And, children individually have preferences for how they play.  Combine these three elements and a much more robust, much more effective child learning and development paradigm is formed.  It’s a child-centered, child-directed method of teaching and learning.

“Our film visits best practice centers worldwide to tell our story”, says David Krishock, “we take educators and parents to places never before seen, to classrooms and play spaces that provide real-life examples of play-based learning – environments that underscore how play-based learning works, and these examples help illustrate why it is so effective.  We are very fortunate to be partnering with a group of experts to help tell our story.”

The revised schedule has the Bright Day film production crew visiting England and Denmark in September, Japan and South Korea in October, and possibly Australia and New Zealand during that same period.

For more information on Bright Day Foundation, the PLAY IS THE WAY! film documentary, and other Foundation initiatives – or our Bright Day Big Blocks please call +01-818-914-6541 or email


About Bright Day – conceived in 1988, Bright Day was created to help children learn.

Bright Day Big Blocks was inspired by the power of super-big, kid-sized, foam building blocks.  Children stack, connect and become so deeply engaged they learn as they play.  Benefits to children include unlocking their natural curiosity – building creativity and use of imagination, problem-solving and critical thinking, communication and collaboration, building confidence and self-esteem – advancing cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.  Big Blocks are a superb method of demonstrating the advantages of learning through play.

Bright Day Foundation was also created as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides our Big Blocks to under-resourced schools country-wide.

Bright Day is a global tribute to the transformational powers of play-based learning.