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“It’s a BIG day for Bright Day Big Blocks”, says Laurel Tucker, Chief Executive and creator of the big block play system that helps kids learn as they play. “Today we are happy to announce that our partnership with Scholastic Inc. and Scholastic Book Fairs has begun”, she continues.
Bright Day Big Blocks serves schools and their community by offering block play systems that stimulate a child’s natural curiosity – as well as builds self-expression, creativity, imagination, communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment as well as physical attributes like strength, coordination, and dexterity.

Scholastic Book Fairs, for over 30 years, has proudly served schools and their community by bringing books to students through their events, helping create life-long readers and learners in kids, and giving back to the schools by contributing to their fundraising efforts.
How does Scholastic Book Fairs and Bright Day Big Blocks plan to work together? Laurel Tucker explains, “when schools schedule and run a Scholastic Book Fair these schools earn credits that can be used toward product featured in their catalog. For the first time, beginning this spring, Bright Day Big Blocks, and their popular cousin, Bright Day Medium Blocks are featured in the Scholastic Book Fairs catalog.”

Over 100,000 book fair events are run in approximately 75,000 schools each year – Laurel Tucker continues, “this collaboration with Scholastic Book Fairs is a great opportunity for our company to speak along with Scholastic directly to the schools that we know most love our Bright Day Big Blocks”. So, schedule a Scholastic Book Fair! Visit their catalog! Enjoying the array of amazing products contained within, and why not order Bright Day Big Blocks? We promise educators, parents and of course the children will love our blocks – a play system that enables super-creative block building, stacking, connecting, rolling like no other – and an opportunity for kids to play and learn!

Bright Day LLC, Bright Day Big Blocks and the Bright Day Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization – please contact Bright Day at +01-818-914-6541 or