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Those in our community understand our commitment to play-based learning and its role in developing young minds and bodies. Every action we take at Bright Day Foundation, and Bright Day Big Blocks supports child directed play, project and theme based learning.

It’s our goal to create what we call today’s Modern Classroom™ environment, working to create a grassroots revolution, and improve preschool education.

To underscore our commitment to dramatically improve early childhood development, Bright Day Foundation is excited to introduce its inaugural Advisor Group to you. This group of experts has been hand selected to help us sharpen our focus – improve the tools we provide our global community – generate greater awareness of play-based learning benefits – and accelerate the adoption of play-based practices among educators and engaged parents.

Our inaugural Advisor Group includes:
Ayumi Nakanishi Educator + Artist. Representing Japan and Indonesia Documentary Filmmaker, Photojournalist, Author Tamagawa University, San Francisco State University, MA. Changsook Kim Educator + Entrepreneur. Representing South Korea Chairperson, Reggio Emilia inspired kindergartens, as well as Children’s Museums Dankook University – Teachers College, Ph.D. Dominic A.A. Randolph Educator + Innovator. Representing the United States of America Head of School, Riverdale Country School, Bronx, New York Harvard University, M.Ed. Heather Pinedo-Burns Educator + Industry Thought Leader. Representing the United States of America Head of Lower School, Speyer School, New York, New York Columbia University – Teachers College, Ph.D. Karyn Flynn Educator + Business Leader. Representing the United States of America Chief Executive Officer, Chairperson and Trustee, Bay Area Discovery Museum, and The Discovery Preschool, San Francisco area, California London School of Business, MBA.

And, an additional three Advisors, from Europe and Asia will be announced shortly.
Please celebrate these appointments with us. All of us are here to help you help your children play, learn, grow – and love learning each and every day.

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To learn more about our Advisors, contribute to our discussions or ask a question please click above, and you’ll be taken to the Our Group section of our website.