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Bright Day speaks with Teachers each and every day. Over the last three weeks Bright Day’s interaction with Teachers has left the company with a bit of worry. Teachers are having to carve new pathways to be in touch with their kids during this unsettled time.

Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks says “the Teachers we have spoken to are 100% dedicated to keeping in touch and helping their children as much as possible during this “Safer At Home” period. As we speak to Teachers we can hear the worry for their children in their voices. This impressive Teacher effort makes us want to help in any way we can – we all love and greatly respect our community of Teachers.”

Laurel Tucker explains, “based on who we are and what we do here at Bright Day we would like to try and break some of the stress of the moment – maybe bring a smile to our Teacher’s faces – and we believe we can do so with a gift.

Right now we are manufacturing thousands of our Bright Day mini Block Builder Puzzles – it’s a fun and engaging toy with over 62 mini blocks that anyone can use to build whatever they can imagine. We hope this will bring relaxation and hopefully a smile to our Teachers,” she says.

To claim a Bright Day mini Block Builder Puzzle certified Teachers simply visit the Bright Day Big Blocks website, provide school name, mailing information, and the mini Block Builder Puzzle will be shipped.” Laurel Tucker continues, “we expect to have 5000 mini Block Builder Puzzles in our office next week – we would love for Teachers from every corner of the USA to have a chance to relax and create – this offer is good until every last one of those Puzzles has found a home.”

“Teachers – we love you – please accept our gift of creativity,” says Laurel Tucker.