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Bright Day Big Blocks proudly reports that we exceeded our funding goal in our initial community fundraising campaign!

Thank You to all that visited our Indiegogo page, our web site – and most of all Thank You to the 56 backers that contributed to our business accelerator campaign. Also, Thank You for the emails and phone calls of support.

We had folks that purchased our Blocks for their kids – or bought our Blocks to gift to organizations – like the THINKERY Children’s Museum in Austin, TX, the BOYS & GIRLS CLUB in Malibu, CA, CHURCHLAND ELEMENTARY in Lexington, NC – and more.

We also had cash donations – and we can assure everyone that contributed cash that each and every dollar will go to building awareness via our marketing campaigns this fall. People that know our Blocks LOVE our blocks – so building awareness helps get more Blocks in the hands of children worldwide.

Now we ready ourselves for our new Back To School program. But, to those still interested in our Indiegogo specials you can visit us in their InDemand Program where we will be active until December, 31, 2019.