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Our second new product launch of 2022, and likely most significant, is our new ROCK + ROLLER!

Our ROCK + ROLLER is a 10-piece block kit, featuring two supersized half-circle BIG BLOCKS that when combined form a giant wheel.  Obviously, children play with this in a number of ways – but, primarily they hop into the wheel and ROLL, or use either half of the wheel and ROCK.  In testing the children also climb, they spin, and when used with our Big Blocks they stack, connect – and more.

BRIGHT DAY has contributing education-based product design professionals from all over the world.  And this new product was a collaboration between our partner BorneLund of Japan (#1 provider of learning-based tools and toys in Japan) and Bright Day Big Blocks Co-Founder Laurel Tucker from our Los Angeles, California headquarters.

In Japan companies that promote play seem to design and provide children with more items enabling physical, active play.  In Japan stimulating the body is equally as important as stimulating the brain.  This in part inspired Laurel Tucker to collaborate to create ROCK + ROLLER!  Laurel Tucker says, “as we all know, children just love to play – to release and express – and they love to run as fast as they can as much as they love to solve puzzles – so the creation of our new ROCK + ROLLER! Is meant to stretch that body and stretch that brain – all the more FUN, right?”

She continues, “we love to say – MOVE and exercise your body – all the strength, stamina, balance, dexterity, coordination building – and DREAM and exercise your brain – all the creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, confidence building – and so much more.”

Like all of our BRIGHT DAY products – the ROCK + ROLLER! is made with highly durable, but extremely soft and safe EVA foam.  The big foam blocks two main pieces in the kit are a big blue block, and a big green block – coincidentally, two of the world’s favorite colors.

ROCK + ROLLER was launched on October 1st, just in time for back-to-school and all the learning opportunities made available as the children and teachers get back together.  ROCK + ROLLER! offers yet another tool in that learning toolbox.

For more information on Bright Day Big Blocks please Contact Us at +1-818-914-6541 or  “Please contact us – we are always available to help you help your children Play + Learn”, concludes Laurel Tucker.