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Teacher tested, Parent tested, Kids tested – and most important – Teacher, Parent and Kid Approved!

Our community of schools, and family oriented venues depends on Bright Day Big Blocks to innovate, developing imaginative Block products to help engage children in play. Teachers and parents know that play builds curiosity, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, confidence – and more. They know play is a fun and natural way for children to experience the world around them, one of the best ways for kids to grow and learn.

With the onset of the 2020 fall school season Bright Day Big Blocks has created two new and exciting Block products. Both of course engineered with our fun, soft and friendly, certified safe EVA foam.

Each product works with our family of Big Blocks, Medium Blocks, and Small Blocks Kits – to further extend the play value of our line of products.

Our first product is called ANIMALS. Here we created 18 animal figures in Big and Medium sizes. The ANIMALS include:

Elephant, Camel, Parrot, Crocodile, Hippo, Giraffe
Moose, Horse, Owl, Fish, Muskrat, Rattle Snake
Cow, Chicken, Pig, Rabbit, Hawk, Sheep

“Our intention with ANIMALS was to create themes – a Zoo theme, a Ranch theme, and a Farm theme”, says Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Bright Day Big Blocks. “The ANIMAL Big size Blocks are kid-sized and the children can sit on them and play with Blocks as big as they are – these are sold 6 to a kit. The Medium size Blocks are big, but more hand sized, sold 40 to a Kit and create a marvelous play environment. Our research and testing shows that children love to create themes and pretend with these ANIMAL Blocks”, she continues.

Our second new product is simply called BRICKS. Bright Day Big Block uses one size brick – 10x5x3 inches – and provides these in a standard Kit of 45 pieces – or, as many as you would like to order. “We speak to teachers and educators just about every single day – and about a quarter of these folks, unprompted, would say to us – hey! you should offer a brick block – well, okay, we listened and here you go – very exciting”, says Laurel Tucker. She continues by saying, “bricks might seem like a very simple building tool but give a group of children a load of bricks and watch their imaginations soar. We love the way our Bricks combine with our other Block products and truly enhance the children’s play-and-learn experience.”

It’s also good to note that over the last 18 months we have developed dozens of customized, play space environments. Each one of these amazing playgrounds for kids is like developing a new product specifically for that environment. We have created customized builds for Florida, Nebraska and California, and more in the USA – as well as in Japan, South Korea, China and Hong Kong, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and more worldwide. Laurel Tucker concludes by saying – “anyone that desires a customized product or play space do give us a call – we have a team of designers and engineers that can help make you and your kids building dreams come true”.

All Bright Day Big Blocks products are available by calling us at +1-818-914-6541 – by contacting us at – or by visiting our new online shop which you can access by visiting our website at