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Kirsten Bowman and Dave KrishockOn a beautiful spring morning, Wednesday, March 13, 2019, The Malibu Methodist School (in Malibu, California) hosted Bright Day Big Blocks and its co-founder, Dave Krishock to a play date.  Bright Day brought more of its Big Green Blocks – as well as more of its Builders Space Blocks (building wall panels, building floor panels, and hundreds of mid-size, multi-colored Blocks) – and all of us played outside on the grass courtyard for almost two hours.

Children playing with Bright Day Big Blocks

The school was sadly impacted by this past winter’s fire that ravaged Malibu and the surrounding areas – some of the school’s equipment was destroyed by the fires.  Bright Day Big Blocks was more than happy to help Ms. Kirsten Bowman, School Director and her staff when they reached out for play equipment assistance.  Bright Day left all the blocks behind so the children could play with them since the educators, parents and of course, the children just love the blocks so much.  Dave Krishock, Co-Founder of Bright Day Big Blocks said, “so very glad to bring some joy to the school – children, faculty, parents – this is just a fantastic community – Bright Day is more than glad to contribute when we can.”

Kirsten Bowman said – “we are grateful to have such a generous community – and we thank Bright Day Big Blocks for contributing.” She continued by saying  “seems like today the older children are spending more time with the bigger green blocks here – while the toddlers are enchanted by the smaller colorful blocks.”

Letter from children saying "Thanks for the blocks"