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Amazing to think about the simplicity of the Bright Day Big Block idea!

For years, decades, and centuries blocks have been a staple of children’s play.

Even though the educational toy term, blocks wasn’t coined until the early 1800’s children were collecting, stacking, and building with brick-like objects far back into recorded history.  “Playing with stackable, buildable objects always unlocks a child’s curiosity, enables creativity and self-expression, collaboration and communication, always builds confidence – and more”, says Laurel Tucker, Co-Founder at Bright Day Big Blocks.

For close to a century the most children’s popular blocks were made of wood, but in the 1930’s foam blocks gained popularity – more shapes and more colors.  In the early 2000’s Bright Day Big Blocks began thinking about and experimenting with foam blocks and big foam blocks – of all shapes and colors.  Big foam blocks that encouraged block stacking, block connecting, and making about anything children could dream of – from animal and insects to trucks and spaceships – and all else imaginable.

Big foam blocks are now the rage – they memorize a child when seen.  The blocks in their simple shapes invite a child to touch, feel, build, and create dreams.  Once a child engages with Bright Day big foam blocks they “go deep into the creative process, that’s when the true learning magic happens”, continues Laurel Tucker.  “We are the Big Foam Block Company – and every day we think about how to continue to evolve the big block idea to bring more joy and learning to children worldwide.”

Contact us to talk about blocks, and kids, and our philosophy – and anything else that is on your mind.  Engage with us, including our esteemed Advisory Panel – we are all here to help you help your children play and learn.



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