Why Everyone Loves our Big Blocks

Educators love our Big Blocks, Parents love our Big Blocks – but most of all Children love our Big Blocks.  Kids find hours of Joy and Fun in playing with Bright Day Big Blocks.

Big Blocks, Soft Blocks, Foam Blocks, Big Green Blocks, Big Blue Blocks, Big Orange and Yellow Blocks and so many Bright Colors.  In so many unique shapes and sizes.

Bright Day offers more than a Block Toy, more than simple Block Play – these Building Blocks enable kids to build ideas, and make their dreams come true.

Bright Day Big Blocks has invented a whole new Play System, created a system that is Mobile, enabling adults to fashion a Play Space that turns any space into an inviting new Playground for Children.  Playing with our Blocks is never the same twice for any child.

Educators have applauded Bright Day for creating a Learning Tool for children – they Learn while they Play.  STEM and STEAM advocates support the benefits of Bright Day Big Blocks.  Education institutions value the Creative Play, Open Play, Theme Based Play, and Project Based Play aspects of Bright Day Big Blocks. We call what we have created today’s Modern Classroom.

Cognitive Development occurs, Physical Development occurs – Bright Day Big Blocks unlock Children’s natural Curiosity, Imagination and Creativity, Communication and Collaboration skills, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills, builds Pride, a sense of Accomplishment and Self-esteem.  Plus, Active Movement improves Strength, Coordination and Dexterity.

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