big soft blocks help-build-children’s-STEM-skills

Our Children’s STEM Big Blocks

STEM big blocks are a type of toy that encourages a more modern approach to learning.

STEM learning combines lessons from science, technology, engineering, and math to assist children in problem solving.  This style of learning tosses away repetition and memorization as a way to learn – and rather uses a child’s current knowledge, creative thinking and analysis to enable children come to their own reasonable outcomes and solutions.

Educators believe that children have the ability to use their innate curiosity, their desire to explore, to experiment, to question, and to reflect on what they know and what they’re learning to arrive at the correct answers.  Teachers also know that children can interweave, and integrate concepts like science and math (and more) to solve problems.  STEM Big Blocks are a perfect complement to a STEM oriented learning approach.  Bright Day Big Blocks spark curiosity, creativity and self-expression, analysis and problem solving, while building confidence and self-esteem.

Teachers attest to the power of Bright Day STEM Big Blocks.  Many educators write to praise our Blocks – for example:

“Your Bright Day Blocks perfectly complement the STEM programing for our children”
Media + STEM Coordinator
Patriots Elementary School, Concord NC

“Just love your Bright Day Big Blocks for our kid’s free play and STEM activities”
Library Director
Tabor Public Library, Tabor, IA

“Bright Day Big Blocks are incredible and will be used in our children’s large space STEM classroom”
STEM Teacher
AZ Kelly Elementary, Nashville, TN

Bright Day offers educators a whole new, creative learning approach integrating science, technology, engineering, and math.

Many STEM based organizations and their educators love and already use Bright Day Big Blocks, isn’t it time you gave us a try.  Order online or call +1-818-914-6541.