Our Children’s Soft Play Big Foam Blocks


Children’s soft-play big blocks are a type of toy that has a soft surface and is made of foam. At Bright Day Big Blocks, we use EVA foam to make our unique blocks. It’s the same foam used in the medical and aerospace industries, very high quality and durable, you won’t find a better soft-play big foam block anywhere in the world.

Using soft-play learning tools, like Bright Day Big Blocks, encourages cognitive and physical development in your children. At Bright Day Big Blocks we help builds children’s brains and bodies, so talk to us today about how we can help your children learn and grow.

Who Benefits From Soft-Play Big Blocks?

Soft-play playgrounds were invented in 1983, as adults witnessed the dangers posed to children playing with hard-surfaced plastic toys and on metal or wooden playgrounds. Soft-play big blocks are great for indoor and outdoor play. Unlike plastic, metal, or wood toys or playgrounds, soft-play is much safer and much friendlier for children. Soft-play big foam blocks help reduce the impacts of nasty falls and reduces the chance for bumps, bruises, burns, and slivers. Children comfortably play with soft-play big blocks all day long.

Educators and parents are looking for ways to enhance their children’s learning experiences. Bright Day Big Blocks is perfect for the classroom or home.

Why Choose Bright Day Big Foam Blocks

Bright Day has been a strong supporter of soft-play learning tools and toys for children since the 1980s. Soft-play big blocks are just a better way to play, learn, and grow.

Each of our 92 block shapes, 14 block colors, and 3 sizes of soft-play big blocks are uniquely designed to enable open based, creative play (stacking, connecting, ball channeling), as well as support theme-based play, enabling the building of anything — vehicles like rockets, animals like elephants, whatever can be imagined, can be built. No other company offers such a selection and range of soft-play creative building opportunities.

Bright Day Big Blocks also uses the finest, highest quality, most durable soft-play EVA foam. Our EVA is closed cell, cross-linked thus waterproof, certified child safe, and guaranteed for years.

Bright Day Big Blocks cares about your children as much as you do. We are parents ourselves, so we fully understand the need to find great interactive toys your children will love that also enhances their development. The struggle is over, our big blocks are the solution.  Get started with your order today, bring fun and learning to your children. Order online or call +1 818 914 6541.