BIG Foam Blocks for Kids

Children are attracted to Bright Day’s Foam Building Blocks like nothing else. Bright Day helped invent these new-age big building blocks for kids just a few years back.

Our Foam Blocks for Kids are special because they are really Big Foam Blocks, super-sized, kid-sized, giant blocks.  Our big soft blocks are lightweight and so easy for children to pick up, carry, manipulate, and build into items that interest them the most – from rocket ships, to robots, to insects and animals, to a simple fort to crawl in and take a nap.  You name it and kids can build it with Bright Day Big Foam Blocks.

Kids playing with big foam blocks
Bright Day Big Blocks foam big blocks

Regular foam Blocks for Kids were invented decades ago, but it took Bright Day Big Blocks to make them big, lightweight, in over 100 shapes, and in an endless array of colors.  Our Big Soft Blocks for children are unique and truly innovative.

All children find play the most natural state – helping them be active yet relax, collaborate with others, as well as think independently.  There is no other place a child would rather be than engaged in play.

Blocks have been a staple of child play for centuries.  Something as simple as Foam Building Blocks sparks the natural curiosity in all children.  Educators call Bright Day Big Foam Blocks fuel that brings out the self-expression, imagination and creativity in any child, they enable collaboration and communication, critical thinking and problem solving, and as the kids build with the Foam Big Blocks the children gain confidence, and build self-esteem.  Not only do Bright Day Big Building Blocks build social, emotional, and cognitive skills they also support physical development – balance, stamina, coordination, fine and gross motor skills.

Bright Day Big Blocks foam big blocks for children
Bright Day Big Blocks big foam building blocks

Parents and educators refer to Bright Day Big Blocks in many ways – the Big Foam Blocks, those Big Foam Building Blocks For Kids, Big Soft Blocks, Big Building Blocks – or simply sometimes “the Big Green Blocks”.  But whatever they are called, they work, really work to help transform all children’s minds, bodies, and spirits through creative play.

Reach out to our team today to place your order and purchase a set of Bright Day Big Foam Blocks for the kids at your school, playground, library, public park, nursery or daycare center, museum, resort hotel – anywhere you find children playing.  For more information call us at +1 818 914 6541.